Tips on How to Clean a Shag Rug

Tips on How to Clean a Shag Rug

A rug is a piece of thick material that you put on a floor. It is like a carpet but covers a smaller area. Your area rug, which likely serves as the center point of the space in which it is located, is vulnerable to dirt and stains because it is used frequently. Regular cleaning of rug and maintenance vacuuming is a fantastic method to maintain your shag rug free of obvious dust, grime, crumbs, and other debris. This should be done as needed, or about once a week. 

Although the rug-cleaning procedure is not very difficult, it might be a little time-consuming and take considerable torque depending on how dirty the rug is. To do a comprehensive clean, you’ll only need a few tools, most of which you presumably already have in your house. Grab your vacuum, a broom, your preferred cleaner, a scrub brush, and a cloth or squeegee to get started. In this article, we will help you how to maintain and clean a rug properly as recommended by our cleaners from cleaning agencies in Los Angeles. 

1. Choose the Proper Rug Cleaning Kit

As a general rule, most shag rugs may be cleaned with a rug or carpet shampoo, however, certain carpets may have cleaned with a specific home cleaning product recommended as per instructions. If you need to remove a stain quickly, a solution of warm water and dish detergent can really work.

2. Vacuum the Shag Rug Regularly

A vacuum is one of the must-have cleaning tools since it is very useful. Especially in areas of Los Angeles where it can be really dusty. To prepare before cleaning a shag rug, use a vacuum to get rid of all the dirt and particles before cleaning the shag rug. Don’t forget to clean the rug’s reverse, which may have gathered dirt or dust as well. After vacuuming, you may also take the rug outdoors and lean it against a fence while beating the back with a brush. When you no longer notice dust clouds when you beat them, it is clean and prepared for home cleaning. It’s important to consider vacuuming a rug on both the top and bottom in order to consistently clean it rather than waiting until there is an emergency stain. 

3. Check your Cleaner

Make sure to test a few drops of your desired cleaner on a discreet part of the rug to see if it will not fade before letting it dry entirely. It’s probably okay to use them if the rug’s color didn’t bleed. If the color did run, then it is not recommended to use that cleaner as it may lose the quality color of the shag rug. To disinfect them, use warm water and combine liquid dish soap.

4. Clean the Stain

It is important to always read the label before using any spot cleaners or rug washes. After using a shampoo or spot cleaning, make sure to thoroughly rinse everything. If there is any soap residue left on the rug, it will attract dirt so make sure to rinse properly.

5. Use a Scrub Brush

Clean the rug using a clean scrubbing brush with soft bristles until dirt appears. Allow the cleaner to perform its magic on the rug for a further 15 to 20 minutes. If you got more stains on your rug, it requires more scrubbing and more soap.

6. Shampoo Your Shag Rug

A specific shampoo manufactured especially for rugs is even better to use. Normally it is made of the substance your rug is made of will yield the greatest results. It’s crucial to strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s directions to clean the rug. Another option to shampoo your rug without that specific product that is made for rugs is to use a very light solution of dish detergent and warm not hot water. 

7. Use a Hose to Rinse

Take your freshly cleaned rug outside and give it a hose shower, or you may do it in the bathtub instead. Making sure there is no soap remaining in the rug’s fibers is the aim.

8. Dry the Shag Rug

Some patience is needed for this stage. To remove any extra water from the rug, use a clean towel or a squeegee similar to the one you would use in the shower. Then, place the rug on a drying rack indoors or outside to air dry. This procedure could need one or two days. The rug is prepared to return to the floor after it has dried completely. Remember to dry it completely, do not use the rug yet if it’s still or wet, or else you may get a bad smell of your rug afterward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dish soap that is preferably dye-free will gently remove stains without harming rug fibers when diluted with water. Don’t use excessive amounts of soap, especially on wool. A stain remover will aid with those difficult stains. Water: Use water for washing, rinsing, and diluted soap.

In a dish or small bucket, combine two parts white vinegar and four parts water. After immersing the bristles of the scrub brush in the solution, massage it into the carpet. Wipe away any leftover moisture with a towel after fully rubbing them into the carpet’s fibers.

All types of carpet and area rugs may be cleaned and deodorized with baking soda, but the technique depends on whether the stain is greasy or non-greasy. In each scenario, the procedure begins with a layer of baking soda on top of the stain.

To remove any last traces of water, place the rug between two layers of towels and press down hard. You’ll be surprised at how much more water your damp towels can hold when you merely hop on them. This is particularly valid for bigger or heavier items like a blanket, a towel set, and similar things.


In conclusion, even though your rug appears clean, it can be hiding bugs and bacteria, so it’s crucial to clean it frequently. Frequent washing is required to maintain the freshness and cleanliness of all types of rugs. If you want to have professional cleaners that will clean your house weekly or bi-weekly, Maggy Maid will help you. Just contact us at (888) 624-4962.


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