Tips on How to Clean Hanging Vertical Blinds

Tips on How to Clean Hanging Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are a product that has been present on the market for quite some time, yet they still remain in style and popular among homeowners in Los Angeles for several reasons. It allows you to regulate how much light enters a place without sacrificing visibility. Hanging blinds are a great solution for someone who wants to guarantee that their conservatory receives lots of natural light without having to worry about anyone being able to look inside. 

Additionally, cleaning your home is a routine daily that is not always easy. Blinds that are stained and dirty can make your home uncomfortable. One of the most important tasks is to clean the vertical blinds. They are crucial because they are a part of your home from the inside and outside. The simple vertical blind cleaning techniques will assist you to maintain the clean-up. Now let us learn the tips on how to clean hanging vertical blinds without worrying that it could damage the blinds as these are the recommended steps from our professional workers in Maggy Maid.


Benefits of using Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are difficult to clean, but when they are left to collect dust and cobwebs, they can be an absolute nightmare to view. It is important to clean them frequently, just like your other rooms. Vertical blinds, as we all know, are aesthetically pleasing and look good in huge windows as they naturally complement the room making the room appear bigger, and also making your ceiling looks higher. It is also attractive for homes and also for offices. In addition, vertical blinds are also easy to maintain, and it gives good light control which can block sunlight but still be able to see outside.


Tips on How to Clean Hanging Vertical Blinds

  • It is always recommended first to prepare your materials for cleaning the blinds. Take note that some need extra care in cleaning so the quality is preserved. Prepare your microfibre cloth, duster, mild soap on spray, sponge, warm water, towel, and vacuum with a brush.
  • Before cleaning your vertical blinds, we recommend removing them first from your window and cleaning the handrail. This will ensure the blinds will be cleaned properly. For a full-scale cleaning that you may want to perform every month with vertical blinds, it is necessary to remove them.
  • Utilize a duster to remove the dust from the hanging blinds, rather than moving it around. Additionally, utilize a dust spray to remove and loosen dust from blinds. 
  • If the hanging blinds are based on the fabric, you might only have to clean them. You may also soak, scrub, and rinse blinds to get rid of the stains. Put vertical blinds in the tub or wash them in warm water following cleaning. 
  • It is possible to make use of a microfibre cloth to clean your blinds after they have been soaked or a brush to clean away dirt. The majority of fabrics clean fairly easily and only require certain dusting. 
  • Avoid hanging as soon as you finish cleaning, but instead, lay down the blinds out to dry which could be in a flat space, to maintain their quality and prevent damage as well. If the vertical blinds are perfectly dry enough, you may start to put them back in the headrail.

How Often Should you Clean Blinds?

Make sure that you keep the dust off by cleaning your blinds frequently during your regular monthly or weekly cleaning routine. Make sure to dust them lightly, as you do in other rooms in your homes. If you notice a particular stain or dirt that is persistently stuck onto your blinds you can treat them to an effortless spot-clean. In other instances, offer a gentle wash at least every 2 months. If they’re situated in an area that receives lots of possible sources of dust or pollution and is susceptible to accumulation of dirt, it’s best to wash them more often. By cleaning and maintaining them regularly and cleaning, you’ll be in a position to maintain your blinds in good condition for longer.


How Can Mould Be Removed From Vertical Blinds?

One of the best ways to get rid of mold buildup from blinds that are vertical is to use an organic cleaner that is made up of lemon juice. Lemon juice is a great way of fighting molds, especially when coupled with the sunlight’s natural light. Additionally, though bleach cleaners are often used, nowadays it’s better to choose an organic cleaner. If you don’t have lemons at your home, mixing white vinegar will aid in getting rid of some mold and mildew, and will offer fresh blinds made of cloth.


How Can Vertical Blinds Be Cleaned Without Taking Them Down?

The process of taking down your blinds to clean them means you’ll be able to get rid of those undiscovered spots and make sure that they’re kept clean. However, there are times that it’s not possible to undertake this task particularly when you’re short of time or have an easy method of drying and washing them. Generally, it’s for those people as well who are busy.

For cleaning your blinds without taking them off, begin cleaning them by dusting them starting from the beginning to end. Use your vacuum cleaner whenever you are able to remove dust in a hurry. The next step, find a spot of stain to clean your blinds using a simple detergent solution. Be sure to try the product in a secure space to make sure it doesn’t cause damage to your blinds. Also, make sure your blinds and windows are open so that they have the greatest chance of drying.



In conclusion, if you have other difficult cleaning tasks, you can use the most effective household cleaning tips to make your job less difficult. You’ll find that you have plenty of the things you require already at your house. There are many areas that require particular attention when it comes to your house cleaning efforts. If you concentrate on these specific areas, your home will shine and you’ll be able to observe the changes. The most important areas that require extra focus are the carpets, kitchens, and bathrooms. 

Moreover, with these tips for cleaning vertical blinds to make the tough jobs easier and also the most effective household cleaning techniques you can discover, you’ll have time to pursue the activities you love. For additional care, and if you are lacking time, it is highly suggested to book a maid service from our house cleaning agency in Los Angeles. Our professional workers are knowledgeable enough to their expertise. Cleaning materials and equipment are provided, so you’ll have nothing to worry about. With a bit of care and tidying, they can bring a smile to your home.


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