4 Tips On How to Maintain your Hardwood Floors

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Cleaning hardwood floors clean would maintain brightness for years. Your house flooring is prone to damage if you got all the dirt, grime, dust, and debris you carry inside with you from the outside. 

If you allow your wood floors to become too dirty would not also result in becoming unhygienic, but it may also harm the wood. In that case, you can maintain hardwood floors’ brightness for many years by routinely cleaning them with a few simple tools and natural solutions. In this article, we will discuss the most possible natural way and tips on how to maintain hardwood floors as suggested by your trusted cleaning agency in Los Angeles, CA.

Hardwood Floor Maintenance Tips

1. Vacuum Regularly

Vacuuming regularly would help to maintain hardwood floors since they are deep enough to remove specks of dirt directly from the floors. A canister vacuum cleaner is the best tool for removing dirt and tiny particles from a wood floor’s cracks and crevices if you’re doing a home cleaning. It is an ideal option since it has an attached long floor brush that can fit in tight areas. 

Make careful to switch off the spinning brush to prevent the bristles from damaging your floors. Also, any debris between the flooring that the vacuuming may have missed.

2. Mop Occasionally

It should only be necessary to damp mop with a cleaning agent if you have been swiftly cleaning up spills and keeping the floors clear of dirt and dust. Don’t use a mop that is soaking with water since this may bring damage to your flooring. Every sealant on wood floors may be harmed by too much water. 

To prevent spots, lightly dampen a microfiber mop, sweep the floor while maintaining the wood’s natural grain, and let the floor completely dry before stepping on it. If you are in gonna put it with hard water, use distilled water to damp mop the floor. Hard water’s high mineral content can make floor finishes appear dull.

3. Sealed Floors

To protect surface-sealed floors from water and stains, the sealants are indeed very helpful and these are the sealants such as urethane, polyurethane, or polyacrylic. Most likely, the floor installer who installed your floor gave you a cleaning product recommendation, but occasionally it’s not suitable to use that product because of the price or lack of availability. If this applies to your own flooring, soap and water are your best option. 

Moreover, the mildness of plain soap prevents it from dulling or scratching your finish as other abrasive cleansers do. Simply mix a pail of water with a cup of dishwashing soap to begin mopping. Before you do a home cleaning using the mop on your floors, be careful to properly dry it out since too much water can still damage wood, even if your floor has been sealed.

4. Oil Treating

Since these surfaces are less resistant to moisture and regular wear and tear and are typically sealed with wax, penetrating-seal, oil-treated, lacquered, shellacked, varnished, and unprotected floors require a little more labor-intensive maintenance.

Untreated hardwood floors may be polished by carefully removing the old wax from the panels once a year using a floor remover. Apply a little coating of fresh wax on the floor when it has dried, and allow it to cure. Use a liquid wax or paste wax made especially for wood floors for the greatest results. Acrylic or water-based waxes will stain your woodwork.

Cleaning Hardwood Floor Cracks

Older wood floors and hardwood that was improperly laid may have cracks between boards that collect dust inside those cracks. If the wood dries out during times of humidity, the damage usually may get worse. The dirt and debris that get trapped are simple to remove but take some time. 

If you are unable to complete the entire room at once, deep clean the area in little portions, beginning in the far corner and working your way to the door: 

  • Simply make a combination mixture of 2-3 cups of warm water and white vinegar. 
  • Shake the solution on a small brush or soft toothbrush until it is barely moist. 
  • Scrub the cracks gently, and then either suck up the dirt with a handheld vacuum or wipe it away with a soft cloth. 
  • Finally, sweep the floor and dust it. 

People use this alternative cleaning solution for their hardwood floors and this is one of our recommendations especially when the flooring has cracks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it’s not really required but it is possible to steam clean the floors if it’s sealed. Make sure your hardwood floors are properly sealed and free of wear patches if you want to use a steam mop. Avoid “steam bursts” while mopping by setting the mop to the lowest temperature setting. Never leave the mop in one place for an extended period of time.

Hardwood floors that have been sealed can resist the heat and moisture of a steam mop and clean very well with a streak-free finish. On unsealed hardwoods, however, stay away from using a steam mop since they are more susceptible to harm from too much moisture.

It’s okay to use a mop when cleaning your floor but don’t use a mop soaking wet because every sealant on wood floors may be harmed by too much water which also makes the flooring crack.

You can still use the dish soap but not too much, The mildness of plain soap prevents it from dulling or scratching your finish as other abrasive cleansers do. Before using the mop on your floors, be careful to properly dry it out since too much water can still damage wood, even if your floor has been sealed.

Vinegar-based solutions could even dull hardwood floors. Since vinegar is an acid, it will actually eat away at the finish on the top of your floor, reducing the shine and creating a dull appearance of your wood floor over time.

Since these surfaces are less resistant to moisture and regular wear and tear and are typically sealed with wax, penetrating-seal, and oil-treated this will help to maintain your hardwood floors look nice and shiny. 

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In conclusion, hardwood floors are the best material to create beautiful, long-term floors. They are aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting. This is why Los Angeles homeowners and properties prefer to have wood floorings. 

It is necessary to maintain its quality and not spend a lot on replacement. Who would like to spend another set of wood flooring installation, right? In Los Angeles, prices for materials and installation range from $6 to $11 per square foot on the low end to $12 to $23 per square foot on the high end. 

It is important to clean it properly and be careful not to damage it while cleaning. Evaluate the type of finish on the flooring before deciding on the best approach to clean hardwood floors. The types of cleansers and cleaning techniques that may be used safely to clean the floor depend on the finish type. 

While a thorough deep cleaning may help restore the appearance of wood, this only has to be done sometime per year. Mopping, sweeping, and vacuuming on a frequent basis may help preserve the finish and keep floors looking their best in between. 

To make your job easier why not hire a professional house cleaner in Los Angeles, CA? Maggy Maid is a referral agency for those looking for high-quality maid and cleaning services. Contact us at (213) 388-5256.


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