Tips in Finding The Best Professional Maid Services

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Are you still not fully decided when to hire professional house cleaners for your home?

Do you know that a typical American invests around 5 hours per week in house cleaning. We know most of us are looking for more leisure time, Perhaps it’s time to contemplate hiring a professional house cleaner!

We all dream of having your home cleaned by professionals, but uncertain about finding the perfect candidate for the task? Don’t worry, our team at Maggy Maid Referrals Los Angeles compiled a comprehensive guide just for you!

Here are some of the most indispensable tips for selecting the ideal house cleaner to suit your needs


Assess Their Experience and Credentials:

When considering a house cleaner, inquire about their tenure in the industry. Longer-standing companies are typically more reliable, as they are less likely to engage in fraudulent practices. Recognitions and awards further attest to a company’s credibility. For instance, Maggy Maid House Cleaners boasts a stellar customer rating on Yelp.

Review Their Range of Services:

Clarify your expectations regarding the services offered by the house cleaner. Are they open to customization, and do they accommodate special requests? Effective communication ensures your cleaning preferences are met. Be prepared for potential requests from the cleaner as well, such as prepping bedding in advance.

They Should Have an Insurance Coverage:

It’s imperative to confirm the cleaning service’s insurance policy. Inquire about coverage for damages or theft during their service. Additionally, ensure they provide worker’s compensation to avoid liability for any on-the-job injuries.

Inquire About Their Guarantees:

Seek clarification on the company’s guarantee policies. A reputable cleaning service agency like Maggy Maid offers coverage for damages and have protocols in place for addressing client dissatisfaction. Don’t assume these assurances; ensure they’re explicitly stated beforehand.

Maggy Maid Cleaning Guarantee

Choose Between Contract Workers and Employees:

Determine your preference between hiring contract workers or employees through a cleaning company. While contract workers may offer cost savings, employees typically receive better training and oversight, translating to higher reliability.

Conduct Interviews and Background Checks:

Conducting interviews allows you to gauge the trustworthiness of potential cleaners, considering they’ll be entering your home. Requesting background checks or confirming that the hiring company conducts them adds an extra layer of security. Don’t forget to contact and vet their references.

Ask About What Cleaning Supply They Use:

Clarify whether the cleaner will bring their own supplies or utilize yours. For instance, some companies, like Maggy Maid Home Cleaning, uses different cleaning products approved by the FDA. Understanding this beforehand prevents any last-minute surprises.

Discuss Pricing in Advance:

Transparently discuss pricing structures, whether it’s hourly, based on visit frequency, or square footage. Requesting a quote based on your home’s specifics and desired services ensures clarity and avoids misunderstandings.

Inquire About Additional Fees:

Be proactive inquiring about any potential extra charges to avoid unexpected expenses. These may include cancellation fees or surcharges for different types of residences. Provide clear instructions for accessing your home to prevent any complications.

Still Looking for a House Cleaner: Your Guide is Complete!
If you’re ready to enlist the services of a house cleaner, your search ends here! Contact us at Maggy Maid Cleaning Services Los Angeles, and discover how we can transform your weekends, one cleaning session at a time!


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