Various Cleaning Tips for Different Baby Toys

house cleaning services for baby toys

Infants and toddlers are charming and adorable, but they are also perfect bacteria magnets since they get their hands on everything. Of course, babies cannot yet learn proper hand regimens on their own. Therefore, parents and caregivers are continuously on high alert, House Cleaning, wiping down, and doing anything else they can to keep their children protected from contagious microorganisms.

However, managing your baby’s cleanliness, as well as almost everything they come into contact with, is extremely challenging when you are balancing children, other family members, and, most likely, employment. 

Even yet, the House Cleaning experts in Los Angeles emphasize the need to keep everything as clean as possible. This House Cleaning hack will prevent unwanted exposure to bacteria that could lead to infection, the House Cleaning pros of Los Angeles explain. 

The House Cleaning Los Angeles team has prepared a House Cleaning list of the things you should be cleaning right now, along with professional House Cleaning advice on how and when to do it.

Plush Toys

Weekly or when noticeably soiled or stained, a House Cleaning pro in Los Angeles recommends House Cleaning stuffed animals and other plush items. Washing these after a sick infant to limit the transmission of germs is also an excellent idea. If bits of the stuffed animals break off while washing, the House Cleaning pros of Los Angeles recommend setting them in a pillowcase and machine washing them. If there are not any, wash them in hot water and tumble dry them on low.

Toys for Teething

First, soak them for several minutes in a basin of hot water with mild liquid dishwashing detergent. Fuse distilled white vinegar and warm water in a separate tub. Finally, immerse the teething toys for fifteen minutes before washing them with lukewarm water.

Battery-operated Infant Toys

Unlike other toys, you should never immerse battery-operated toys in the water. Consequently, they pose a House Cleaning challenge, making it appear more challenging than it is. An excellent disinfectant wipe is the most manageable approach to clean a battery-operated, hard plastic baby toy. You can also produce a household cleaning solution with water and a tiny quantity of dishwashing or laundry soap and scour the toy clean with a washcloth soaked in the solution. If you have a battery-operated stuffed animal, spot clean it with a washcloth drenched in a household cleaning solution in the same way. Merely make sure to exclude the batteries first!

Wooden Baby Toys

Wood is antimicrobial by nature, but it is also porous. That implies that, while it will naturally discard bacteria, it may nevertheless absorb grime and other debris. Warm water and a washcloth are the most excellent ways to clean a wooden toy. If the toy is unclean or stained, instead of ordinary water, use a cleaning solution formulated with soap and scour lightly with the washcloth. You may also clean the toy using a gentle disinfectant wipe, especially if it is only slightly soiled or demands a swift wipe down.

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