Washing Machine Cleaning Hacks

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Don’t you hate doing the laundry? Hmm, if not everyone, most of us do. It is one of those House Cleaning chores that people hate to do. Especially at times when you have that big pile of laundry waiting for you to have the time to wash, even looking at it becomes a horror to see. Nobody likes seeing that big pile of laundry in the wash area, but what’s even worse is the fright of having to wash them by hand because your washing machine keeps acting up!

Your washing machine indeed makes the job of doing the laundry a lot easier, and it saves you a lot of time, too! House Cleaning experts in Los Angeles emphasize the need to take the time to clean and make sure that your laundry area is as neat and functional, as this is an essential part of House Cleaning. Taking the time to keep your laundry area as functional as it could be, is something that a lot of people forget to include in their House Cleaning regimens.

The House Cleaning Los Angeles team enumerates why keeping your laundry essentials, such as your washing machine should be economically maintained, as this is an essential step in House Cleaning; first, simply because this is where all your clothes go. Who would want to wash their already dirty clothes in a dirty washing machine? – that would be dirt over dirt. Also, having dirt and lint trapped in your washing machine could probably be what causes the stains, which would then damage your clothes. 

To quickly get the job done without the hassle, House Cleaning Los Angeles gives these time and life-saving House Cleaning tips to get dirt away from your washing machine and to make sure that it is properly maintained: 

  1. As an essential part of any House Cleaning regimen, especially when dealing with electric-powered appliances and tools, you need to make sure that your appliance is plugged off before cleaning. This is a very important step whenever you are House Cleaning, as this saves you from injury or damage to your appliance. 
  2. There might be soap and detergent build-up in your washing machine. Take a good look if there is any sign of build-up and carefully try to scrape them away manually, or with the help of water. For blockages and buildup that cannot be removed through this procedure, you can use another easy method;
  3. Fill the washer with hot water as you would normally wash a huge load, and then add bleach and let it run for a few minutes so it could mix with the water. Let it run for an entire cycle until it drains. 
  4. Afterward, fill the washer with hot water again, and this time, add vinegar and let it run for another cycle until it drains, this process will remove stains, unnecessary odors, and other dirt that could be trapped, which would then allow you to have your clothes smelling good and well-washed. 

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