5 Ways To Keep Your House Clean

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Your house is likely to become disheveled on a frequent basis if you have active children and dogs. And isn’t that part of the fun? Cleaning it, however, is a different issue. You may not need to employ a professional service in house cleaning to have your house looking sparkling again, depending on how bad it is and your attitude toward cleaning. Taking on tough stains and odors on your own can be scary, but these pointers from the best house cleaning in Mar Vista can help you feel more at ease. These basic housekeeping tips can show you how to keep your home looking pristine.

1. From top to bottom and left to right, clean

Cleaning your house is a great way to get into the zone. You’re dusting away when you remember you’ve already vacuumed the carpets, and all you can see is dust falling from your windowsill to the ground. You’ll have to drag the vacuum cleaner out again.

Don’t squander time on jobs that aren’t necessary. Before you go to work, make a plan of action with a daily housekeeping checklist, and you’ll be able to clean your house much more quickly.

Professional housekeepers recommend starting at the top of the room and working your way down, such as the top of your bookcase or ceiling fan. Clean from left to right as well to guarantee a thorough sweep (pun intended) of the entire room.

2. Organize Your Cleaning Supplies

We’ve all got that one forgotten cabinet stuffed with cleaning goods, each designed for certain cleaning activity. Purge goods you don’t use very often and replace them with multipurpose products to save space

Degreasing your stovetop, disinfecting counters, cleaning the sink, clearing drains, and eliminating stains can all be done with simple cleaners, including DIY drain cleaners made with white vinegar and lemon juice.

Mar Vista Maid Service suggests to make your own cleaning supplies kit with only two or three products that can clean a variety of materials and surfaces, and keep it in a convenient location. You won’t waste time in the middle of a deep cleaning browsing through your cluttered cleaning cabinet for the product you need.

3. Almost Anything Can Be Cleaned With Baking Soda, Vinegar, and Lemon

You may remember the fizzy effects of baking soda and white vinegar from fifth-grade science class when you made a model volcano erupt. Baking soda and vinegar are natural cleaners that react chemically to produce a lot of froth and fizz, and they’re great for cleaning dirt and removing stains.

Adding lemon to the mix only increases the cleansing power of this dynamic pair. It’s a natural degreaser used by some housekeepers that not only cleans your surfaces but also leaves your home smelling fresh and lemony.

4. Lemon peels and ice cubes will deodorize your garbage disposal.

While doing dishes and cleaning up after supper, your waste disposal collects all types of food crumbs. It is even used by some people to dispose of their cooking garbage during housekeeping. It’s no surprise that it stinks over time.

Many products are available to clean your garbage disposal, but the simplest and most cost-effective method is to use lemon peels (or peels from other citrus fruits, such as oranges) and a large amount of ice cubes. Fill the disposal with ice cubes and peels, run the tap, and turn it on until there are no longer loud crunching noises.

5. Toothpaste as a stain cleaner

White (not gel) toothpaste, particularly baking soda-based varieties, eliminates stains from walls, shoes, and other surfaces in the same manner as it removes them from your teeth. Because toothpaste is a little abrasive, rub a small bit immediately onto a spot with clean fingertips or a cloth.

Should you want to keep your house clean and orderly every time, you may hire a professional housekeeper from your local community. Maggy Maid is branded as the best house cleaning in Mar Vista and they refer house cleaners in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas.


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