How To Clean And Organize Your Basement

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Basements are considered dungeon-like, dusty spaces that serve little purpose other than to give you the chills. But in actuality, basements are convenient storage places that can function as an extra living space, home office, playroom, etc. Follow this basement cleaning and organizing checklist from the best house cleaning in Mt Washington you can use during housekeeping to maintain yours in tip-top shape.

Checklist for Basement Cleaning
Most of your home’s storage probably resides in your basement, whether finishing it is still a distant dream or has already been completed. Basements are the perfect places to store items that you only sometimes require access to, such as seasonal decorations and old documents that may be necessary for the future (but not today).

However, a basement can rapidly get congested. Here are some suggested housekeeping jobs by Mt Washington Maid Service to complete on a weekly, monthly, and annual basis to maintain the general cleanliness of your basement.

Weekly Cleaning

Don’t forget the basement when the weekend arrives and you have time to clean up the house. It will always seem tidy and organized if you have your housekeeper or you clean it up once a week

Weekly responsibilities include the following:

  • Discard garbage
  • Discard anything that is not necessary (toys, stray cups, etc.)
  • Dust and clean the surface.
  • Sweep, vacuum, or mop (depending on the surface)

Tasks for Monthly Basement Cleaning

Basements can require more than a simple clean-up. Do a load of laundry once a month (or sooner if you see the need) to wash the window coverings and other textiles you keep in your basement. Rugs and couch covers may be necessary if your room also serves as a living room.

Take on these basement deep cleaning duties each month:

  • Cleaning drapes and other textiles
  • window cleaning inside and out
  • Wash or wipe down the furniture
  • Clean the vents.

Annual Basement Cleaning Projects

To maintain your basement spotlessly, you should perform some housekeeping jobs on a regular basis, while others are only necessary sometimes. You can put off doing the following tasks until you have that yearly spring deep cleaning itch:

  • Cleaning and removing light fixtures
  • As needed, change the light bulbs.
  • Washed doors, baseboards, and walls

Basement Management

Basements are great storage areas, but they may accumulate a lot of junk over time. The greatest method to stop clutter from accumulating in the first place is to organize your basement. Plan to completely organize and clear your basement once a year. This yearly task will be much more bearable if you have a housekeeper, otherwise, you have to declutter as you go (for example, throw out broken or outdated tree ornaments as you put away the holiday decorations).

To keep everything in order and reduce clutter, organize your basement. What you should do is:

  • Declutter
  • Cut back
  • Take a count

Put everything in boxes and arrange

Armed with gloves and a trash bag, search your basement. Remove anything else and throw away the trash so you can sort through it.

Cut Down
Sort items into three piles: to keep, donate, and discard so it will be easier for your housekeeper to organize your stuff. Donate anything you no longer require, such as the uncomfortable winter coats for your children. You’ll have less to store and organize if you simply keep what is absolutely necessary, which will make your task easier. Of course, keep and find a home for anything sentimental, priceless, or really useful.

Make a list.

Make a note of everything you have stored in your basement, from office supplies to extra furniture, using a pen and a sheet of paper. This inventory from house cleaning in Mt Washington list will assist you and your housekeeper in keeping track of the items that come into and leave your basement, whether or not you learn best visually.

You may bring out your list to see what you have each year when you go to organize the basement. Be aware of how long the list is and update it as necessary.

Organize and package things.

You’ll only have your must-have stuff left after you’ve cleaned up your space and gotten rid of anything extra. Consider adopting a straightforward organization system rather than simply throwing them into boxes and placing them on storage shelves in random order.

Put smaller goods in boxes, mark the box with what’s inside, and group like items together for storage. The camping supplies can go on one shelf, while all of the holiday decorations can go on another. You won’t need to reorganize your basement as often in the future the better structured it is now. Whether you need to completely remodel or not, a yearly basement deep cleaning and organization audit will keep your place under control.

If maintaining order isn’t your strong point, think about hiring a professional housekeeper from a trusted company. Maggy Maid is tagged as the best house cleaning in Mt Washington. They have high reputation of referring house cleaners with exceptional housekeeping services in Los Angeles and its neighborhoods.


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