Patio Cleaning Made Simple

patio house cleaning

Your patio can develop months’ worth of accumulation from external elements, regardless of the climate where you reside. This appears to be excessive filth, algae, mold, and biological stains that can harm your place’s appearance and longevity. You’ll need a few supplies, tools, and some free time to learn how to clean your patio during house cleaning in North Hollywood in order to remove the buildup and restore its natural beauty.

You can create a space outside that is suitable for entertaining, whether it takes the form of a family picnic or a neighborhood BBQ, by following the instructions provided.

Cleaning Your Patio in Advance

Now is the time to get a close look at the shape of your patio. Your outdoor space could simply only be a quick wash with soapy water if you reside in a relatively warm environment to restore it to its original state. If you reside in a region where it rains more frequently, you might need to hire a cleaning lady and employ a pressure washing service to remove any mold or algae stains.

It will be easier to complete the project correctly the first time if you take a close look at your patio before you begin.

Warm-weather memories are created on your patio, whether they involve outdoor games with your kids and neighbors or candlelit al fresco dinners with friends and family. Use these instructions from North Hollywood Cleaning Services in deep cleaning your patio so you may use it all year long.

1. Take outdoor furniture away

First, put any outside decorations, plants, or furniture on your patio in a different location. Any obstacles or anything that you don’t want to get wet should be removed from your entire outdoor area.

2. Take Out the Garbage

Take your broom and sweep away any remaining material from your patio’s surface after you’ve taken away all of the furniture, pots, plants, and other accessories. Additionally, this is an excellent time to get rid of any weeds growing in your patio’s joints or cracks.

3. Pour over patio after combining cleaning agent

Depending on the style of patio you have and how it’s constructed, you should use a different cleaner solution for your outdoor area. Simple dish soap and water solutions can be used to remove light stains off concrete patios and pavers.

To remove particularly stubborn surface stains, use a 50:50 vinegar and water solution (but use more vinegar if your patio has more difficult stains to scrub).

4. Scrub Surface

Use a stiff brush to scrub any apparent stains from the area after letting your cleaner soak for a period of around 20 to 30 minutes.

5. Use a pressure washer or water to rinse

After you’ve finished deep cleaning, use a water hose to thoroughly rinse the patio and any remaining stains. If you have a pressure washer on hand, you can also choose to use it for this stage.

It is best to start with a low setting and then raise it if need be. Please be aware that pressure washers should not be used on pavers, as that level of pressure can compromise the material.

DIY Patio Cleaning vs. Professional Service

Despite the fact that this is a pretty straightforward DIY project, it might be worthwhile to hire a professional cleaner who can completely clean paver stones or apply the best cleaning techniques to avoid concrete cracks.

Additionally, they might be able to get your patio furniture shining for spring while they’re working on deep cleaning your patio. When cleaning a painted deck, patio, or driveway pavers, they will also be aware of the cleaning agents to use and those to avoid.

If you need professional help in cleaning your patio, hire a company that can do all the works. Maggy Maid is the best house cleaning in North Hollywood that can do the cleaning for you. They refer the best house cleaners in Los Angeles and its suburbs.


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