A Guide to Professional but Easy Grout Cleaning

A Guide to Professional but Easy Grout Cleaning

Clean grout can really make a difference, and this blog will teach you how to do it in just four simple steps.

All of us want our bathrooms to be spotless but most people don’t exactly view cleaning the grout and tiles in their showers as fun. It’s simpler than you might imagine, though, if you follow this expert advice and use the right cleaners and methods while doing the house cleaning in Lake Forest.

As a guide, here are the Four Simple Steps you need to follow:

  • Acquire or Prepare the Appropriate Cleaners

When cleaning stone floors, must use alkaline cleaners like bleach or other authorized stone-safe cleaning agents. You can use more aggressive acidic cleaners or vinegar and baking soda solution on ceramic or porcelain tiled bathroom floors.

You can also make your own bathroom cleaners using natural ingredients. Even though baking soda can leave a yellowish residue on your tiles, if you mix 2 or 3 cups of baking soda or bicarbonate of soda with 1 cup of warm water, you can also use this paste to get rid of that. Stains on tiles or grout can also be removed by adding some 3% hydrogen peroxide.

  • Scrub Your Grout

Usually, when you clean dirty grout or bathroom tiles, you are going to be agitated in some way. You will probably also need a tiny, thin scrub brush that can fit between the floor tiles of the bathroom in order to clean up the grout between tiles, although you can use an old toothbrush if that is what you have on hand. With the right cleaners for your floor tile material and a brush like this to agitate or remove the dirt, your floors’ appearance can be much improved.

  • Make sure that any residue is lifted up with a safety razor.

You can use a safety razor to carefully scrape away or pick out the dirt from your grout if there are a lot of soapy residues or other build-ups. You can use a triangle scraper tool or even a rotary power tool to scrape out the old grout in order to prepare for putting in new grout if the grout is extremely dirty and may need to be replaced.

  • Clean Up Everything

After deep cleaning the grout and any remaining grime from the surface, wipe everything off with a sponge or rag and enjoy your shiny clean shower!

Tile and grout cleaning mistakes to avoid

Contrary to popular belief, a mop and bucket should never be used when doing housekeeping or cleaning, especially on a tiled bathroom floor. This is so that the floor isn’t covered in filth and grime after mopping. It is important to note that if you keep dipping your mop into the same pail of water and scrubbing your floor with it, you will only be spreading black or gray water around and even scrubbing it further into the grout lines. As a result, the problem is made worse since the dirty water evaporates, leaving dirt in the grout and on the tiles.

However, in deep cleaning, a moist towel or rag, a long-handled mop with a disposable pad, or even a steam mop can be an excellent method to wipe down your bathroom floor.

Even if you may have heard that bleach may be used to clean bathrooms, you should be aware that depending on the nature of the tiles, chlorine bleach and other similar chemicals can destroy grout or even discolor them

Keeping Bathroom Grout Clean and Grime-Free

In most situations, prevention is always preferable to treatment but when it comes to house care and upkeep, this is especially true. You can take other measures to guarantee that your bathroom’s grout and tile are constantly spotless in addition to removing the aforementioned mop and bucket from your cleaning routine. These include drying them off with bathroom fans, washing them down or squeegeeing them after each shower or bath, and clearing up stains or product spills as soon as they occur using the appropriate cleaners.

The grout sealing process may not be able to stop all the damage, but it can help prevent dirt, grime, and mold from penetrating the flooring or tiles by keeping the contamination closer to the surface. Even though you can dye stained grout, if the staining is severe or in a noticeable area of the bathroom, you might want to replace the grout in the entire bathroom if the staining is severe or in a visible areas.

This is why it’s so important to frequently clean your bathroom tiles and to clear up spills as soon as they happen. To reduce dust and filth in between scrubbings and if any significant spills happen, use a broom or vacuum (a conventional vacuum on the hard floor setting works if everything is dry, or a wet-dry vacuum if everything is wet or damp). However, if you don’t have the luxury of time cleaning your grout, you can hire experts for house cleaning in Lake Forest.



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