Choosing The Right Maid For Your Home

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Though it may seem like an easy decision to make, there are some important factors to consider when choosing a maid service. It’s because there are a lot of cleaning companies that care more about making fast money than providing an excellent service. Maids in Orange County gave some certain criteria that a house cleaning company must meet before homeowners can confidently decide on hiring them. Let’s take a look!

Certified Cleaners

Unless the housekeeping company you are looking at works with certified cleaners, hiring them is not good. You must know that your house is in the right hands which means, a certification in the cleaning industry and with the company is required. This also ensures that the background of the maids is checked.


The reassurance of having past clients of a house cleaning service vouch for the company plays a big role in one’s decision to hire them. From online reviews to written recommendations; ask the cleaning company for references before you decide to get their services.


Insurance is very important when hiring a maid service. It will protect your family and home against injury and damages to your property. Orange County maid services say, if a cleaning company does not carry insurance, it’s better to not hire them. Having insured and bonded cleaners will definitely give you the peace of mind that your home is not a risk.


You can also check when the house cleaning company was established and how long their cleaners have been in the industry. This is to ensure that you are not leaving your home to inexperienced individuals. Ask for proof of their experience in a form of a certificate or cross-checks with past employers so you can be fully convinced that they have the skills, abilities, and work ethic.

Equipment & Cleaning Products

The first question regarding the cleaning equipment and products is whether or not the housekeeping company will provide them. If they do, the second question to ask pertains to the quality of the tools and equipment. It is important that a house cleaning company uses sanitary and top-of-the-line cleaning tools to achieve the desired results. The cleaning products should be child and pet safe. A company that uses eco-friendly cleaning products is the best way to go!


It is up to the cleaning company to convince you that you should hire them. It is always nice to let the results speak for themselves but house cleaning companies should have a guarantee to back their service so the clients are sure that they have nothing to lose. There are many professional cleaning services that offer a redo of a cleaning session for free if the results are not up to their expectations. Others offer full refunds, too.

Types of Services

Find out exactly what types of cleaning services the company offers and if they do additional cleaning tasks as per your request. Depending on what your house cleaning needs are, a cleaning company will definitely twist their service in order to meet them.

With this handy information in your pocket, the perfect maid service for you and your home will be easier to find. Maggy Maid of Orange County is the perfect choice, they are professional cleaners & maids in Orange County! Contact us today to get a FREE quote.