7-step guide to cleaning dryer vents

7-step guide to cleaning dryer vents

7-step guide to cleaning dryer vents

This blog is a guide to help you clean your dryer vent pipes and ensure they don’t leak. House cleaning can be challenging, but not with this method!

Since dryers don’t utilize water, dripping or leaking pipes may be the last thing homeowners expect to see. Surprisingly, leaks can be seen when dryers become backed up or clogged with lint, fabric, debris, and cleaning agent residue. One of the clear signs that your dryer vents need deep cleaning is leaky pipes. You might consider hiring professional services for house cleaning in Garden Grove rather than doing it yourself because dryer safety is so important.

Here are seven easy steps for cleaning dryer vents at home:

  • Inspect Your Pipes

Inspecting and determining where the blockages have occurred will take about 30 minutes for you or the maid to do before you can begin tackling the deep cleaning of the clogged dryer ducts. It is essential to be careful when handling the materials when removing the duct that joins your dryer to the tube in your wall. This means you must take precautions to avoid crushing, denting or detaching the dryer duct from the wall or ceiling.

  • Clean Your Dryer Pipes

Basic blockages frequently cause these perplexing leaks. That is why you or your maid need to do a deep cleaning. After removing the duct, look inside for lint, shredded fabric, and other debris. All this “gunk” prevents humid air from moving and leads to drippy condensation.

Suck up the debris with a vacuum while gently shaking the duct to ensure nothing is left inside. Regularly inspecting pipes and getting rid of these buildups can ensure free air flow and even prevent fires.

  • Seal Holes

When inspecting or repairing your pipes, check for any existing vent holes that could leak water or let pests into your dryer. To stop outside dirt from entering the duct and being trapped inside, tape these holes with aluminum tape before you put everything back.

  • Reduce the Length of Your Dryer Vent Duct

Lint and fabric are more likely to become trapped if your dryer vent is so lengthy that it sags or bends in different directions. Cutting your dryer vent hose to a more suitable length could be one answer. After adjusting the distance, you might be able to find a professional maid service to install your dryer vent.

  • Invest in Pipe Insulation

A leaking pipe can happen to you more frequently than others if you reside in a region with low temperatures. This is because cold temperatures can cause a leak simply by providing enough contrast between external conditions and the hot air running through the pipes. Condensation may start to drip off the lines when the dryer’s air comes in contact with cold conditions outside. You or your maid have/has to ensure to insulate the entire pipe, not just the parts near the source of the cold air.

  • Allow Space Between Pipes

Leaks in dryer pipes are frequently caused by condensation or by the line being close to a water source. Believe it, humidity and evaporation can create leaks in air conditioner pipes that touch or lean against dryer vents.

Try to leave some space—ideally six inches or more—between the dryer’s pipes and the air conditioner’s pipes.  For best results, secure them in their new locations to lessen the chances that they will return to their previous, dangerous positions.

  • Change Old Parts

For the successful discharge of dryer air, a pipe’s components, including flappers that open and close in response to the passage of exhaust, must all operate as intended. These parts are still necessary for the appliance to function. Additionally, malfunctions might encourage pipes to catch water from the outside, such as rain, sprinklers, or even a stray garden hose. If the old parts didn’t work well even after deep cleaning, it is time for you or the maid to change them.

In summary, dryers need to be deep cleaned at least once a year. It’s an easy DIY project you can complete when you have a few spare hours to work on your house, but if you haven’t the luxury of time, you can assign it to your maid or hire a professional cleaner from a local provider of house cleaning in Garden Grove


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