Helpful Tips On Eliminating Dust

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Finding dust in your home is never fun, and you probably feel like it keeps coming back no matter how much house cleaning you perform. It’s a never-ending cleaning and dusting routine. The majority of dust in your home is made up of several particles. Clothes, furniture fibers, pollen, other fabrics, and dead skin cells are all examples. It can become a nuisance if it builds up, causing you to sneeze and wheeze all over the place. You also have to be concerned about dust mites and other hazards from improper house cleaning. Although it’s impossible to clear your home of dust entirely, here are a few helpful tips on eliminating dust from Orange County Cleaning Lady.

Change your bedding once a week.

Dust bunnies quickly multiply if you don’t wash your bedding regularly. By changing your bedding once a week, you will reduce the amount of dead skin and fabric fibers in your sheets, which will reduce the amount of dust in your home overall. Remove dust particles from your pillows and vacuum your mattress, or take them to the dry cleaners as part of your housekeeping.

Keep your closets in order.

Closets are known as the Holy Grail of dust in house cleaning because they house fabric fibers from towels, clothing, and other items. Every time you open the door, you’ll cause an invisible dust storm to erupt. Of course, you can’t stop your clothes from shedding fibers, but you can keep your closets clean to reduce dust and make it easier.

Give your cushions and rugs an intense beating.

Carpets are a major dust collector because, like a giant sponge, it absorbs fibers and releases them into the air with each step. It is critical to take anything squishy and soft outside and beat it with a broom or bat to remove the dust properly. This approach will ensure that you are getting rid of dust bunnies in your home, preventing more from flying into the air and avoiding additional home cleaning.

Make use of air purifiers.

If you suffer from asthma or allergies, an air purifier might be a lifesaver; but, don’t throw out your duster just yet! Air purifiers filter dust particles and leave dust mites unchecked because they are not airborne.

Make use of the appropriate cleaning supplies when performing housekeeping.

It’s critical to know that you’re using the best and most appropriate cleaning supplies for the job every time you clean. Remember that the key is to capture the dust rather than allow it to spread throughout your home, which is what dry rags and feather dusters do. The best materials include wax sprays and oil on a cloth or dampening it with water.

Simply follow these house cleaning tips from Orange County Cleaning Lady, and say goodbye to allergies and dust bunnies. You can simply book a professional cleaning service in Orange County which offer highly efficient staff and services that suit your needs.

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