Common Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

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House cleaning isn’t most people’s idea of pleasure. But if done correctly, it may help speed up the process and make work simpler. Also, it prevents us from any harm we may get at home, according to the experts from house cleaning Orange County

Maggy Maid house cleaners will be sharing some most common home cleaning problems. Here are the most typical house cleaning mistakes that individuals make to learn more about the cleaning faults you should avoid:

  1. Cleaning Windows in Bright Sunlight

Sunlight can cause the water in your cleaning solution to evaporate faster on your windows, leaving ugly streaks and stains that prevent you from getting that killer shine. We recommend doing this exercise on a cloudy day, especially if your windows face direct sunlight.

  1. Cleaning TV Screens Using a Cleaning Spray

If your notion of cleaning your TV screen is to spray some window cleaner on it and scrub it, you should stop right now! This approach has two main flaws: some cleaning cloths may harm your TV screen, and some cleaning solutions’ strong chemicals may destroy your display.

  1. It’s Not Enough to only Clean Your Sponge

It is something that a lot of people have done. Over time, sponges acquire bacteria and harmful pathogens. We are possibly spreading thousands of harmful bacteria to the objects we come into contact with regularly when we use them to clean our dishes or surfaces. If that wasn’t scary enough, this survey claims it’s the dirtiest item in your home. Failure to appropriately deal with this is one of the most significant cleaning mistakes we can make.

  1. The Washing Machine not Clean After Use

Some people may be perplexed as to why this is on our list of house cleaning mistakes. After all, you’d think a washing machine would clean itself after each cycle. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Germs can accumulate in a washing machine’s drum over time. These bacteria can spread to your clothes if you don’t clean them regularly.

  1. Scrubbing of Carpet and Upholstery Stains

When something spills on a brand-new carpet or a pricey piece of furniture, we naturally rush in to clean it as soon as possible to save our beloved possession. Scrubbing, on the other hand, causes the most damage. Scrubbing drives the stain and dust particles further into the carpet or upholstery fibers, making it much more difficult to remove the stain afterward.

House cleaning isn’t always as simple as it appears at first, and we might make frequent mistakes that aren’t always visible if we haven’t done it before. Fortunately, the housekeepers Orange County is here to assist you with the home you deserve by providing the best cleaning solutions. 

If you’re too busy to clean your own abode, Maggy Maid house cleaning orange county can help!

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