House Cleaning Tips To Preserve Marble and Granite Floors 

home cleaning marble flooring

Marble and granite floors are popular. It may be difficult to maintain these marble floors clean because to the discoloration and water retention that they are prone to. It is vital to maintain them clean and sterilized at all times, particularly by tenants in rental properties. This article will provide comprehensive advice from Orange County Maid, including information on which products/tools to use, sanitary procedures, and much more.

What are the materials and necessary equipment to wash marble and granite floors?

It is vital to have the correct cleaning goods and instruments to clean like a home cleaning expert.

Below is an item you’ll need to sanitize the steps involved in any room at home.

  • Clear laundry detergent is preferred.
  • Sweeper and mop made of soft microfiber
  • Strips of sponge
  • container of water
  • Essential oils of your preference
  • Baking powder (baking)
  • Cleanser and disinfection that has been approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

Defects and Marks Must Be Removed

Deep gouges and dirt patches from shoes are frequent on marble and granite floors. Edge house cleaning professionals utilize a runny mixture of sodium bicarbonate and water to remove even the toughest stains, such as dust and grime.

Using a soft sponge and a small amount of paste, carefully wash away the markings, stains, or discoloration. Wipe along the grain direction rather than in a clockwise direction since this might generate scrapes and swirls.

Clean and mop the floor

When washing the floors, wash them with a mixture of water, cleanser, and argan oil made in a pail (optional). A brush alone would not remove pollutants from the floor. Hoovering is another alternative, this could produce scrapes from the tires and heavy bodies in the marble floors.

Because laundry detergent is pH balanced, it is an excellent cleaning agent. Employ washing liquids to create effective sanitizing treatments. Dry mopping is recommended since water allowed to air dry can discolor marble and granite floors.

Marble and Granite Floors Can Be Vacuum Cleaned

Deep cleaning granite and marble floors extend the component’s cost, adds gloss, and sanitize it more effectively than ordinary mopping. Heat cleansers eliminate bacteria on the touch and do not leave behind any trace. House cleaning experts use laser washers to sanitize residential properties.

Additional Things Not to Use on Marble Floors

Aside from vinegar, several other things might harm marble and stone flooring.

  • Cleaning solution with dye or chemicals
  • Acidified or citrus-based products
  • Brush and rough scrubbing pads
  • Chlorine, ammonium, and other corrosive substances

The Orange County Maid team knows that employing such chemicals can harm the varnish put to the flooring, leaving them stain-prone. Abrasive materials can also leave spray marks, dull areas, swirls, and other defects. Maggy Maid the leading housekeeping Orange County company provides high-quality, affordable services.

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