How to Keep a “Dirty Kitchen” Clean

How to Keep a "Dirty Kitchen" Clean

This article will make sure that you learn a lot about home cleaning. Just follow these seven tips from the cleaning services Orange County experts, and you will have a “clean dirty kitchen.”

Home Cleaning Tip 1: ”Continue to clean as you go.”

Cleaning as you go is the most way to maintain your kitchen spick and pristine. Always remember to restore items to their original location after using them. The maid service Orange County assure that you won’t have trouble finding it the next time you use it. When working around the kitchen, wipe and wash as much as possible. After everything, there will be less cleaning to perform.

Home Cleaning Tip 2: ”Always make sure the sink is empty.”

It’s always preferable to stare at an empty sink. You don’t want to come home to a sink full of dishes and cutlery. After you’ve finished dining, make sure the sink is clear by cleaning the dishes. Additionally, having an empty sink allows for more seamless kitchen prep and cooking time.

Home Cleaning Tip 3: ”Scrub the sink.”

Always clean your sink after you’ve finished washing the dishes. Grease can adhere to the sink’s surface, making it nasty once it accumulates. To keep your sink squeaky clean and shining, you should scrape it and wipe it off with soap.

Home Cleaning Tip 4: ”Wipe down your counters.”

The meat or veggies are usually chopped and prepared on the countertop. Items on your countertop should always organize to avoid clutter in this area. Invest in some kitchen organizers to keep your knives and other kitchen items in the order. Keep a cleaning cloth handy to wipe off your counter after each usage.

Home Cleaning Tip 5: ”Give your kitchen appliances some TLC.”

Make a point of cleaning your kitchen items and equipment once or twice a week or every two weeks. Even if you aren’t going to use them, cleaning them clean will remove dust and rust. It also guarantees that the life of your kitchen items will get longer.

Home Cleaning Tip 6: ”Separate your trash.”

When you separate your rubbish, you won’t have as much trouble when the bin is full. Additionally, having three or more different containers for biodegradable, non-biodegradable, and compost products would reduce clutter. Additionally, make sure your kitchen bins are large enough, especially if you prepare every meal at home.

Home Cleaning Tip 7: ”Clean the kitchen flooring.”

Spills and floor stains are unavoidable when cooking in the kitchen. Treat your kitchen floor with the same care that you do your sink and counters. Food leftovers should not get on the floor since they might attract insects and ants. After each usage, always clean the kitchen floor. Keep your cleaning supplies nearby so that you don’t feel rushed when it’s time to wipe the floor.


When the sinks, counters, and everything are clean. Your kitchen is now at ease. If you follow these seven easy suggestions from House Cleaning Services Orange County, you’ll most likely be able to prepare the tastiest foods for your loved one.


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