7 Creative Ideas for Decorating Above Kitchen Cabinets

maid service above kitchen cabinet ideas

Its surface just above kitchen cabinets can be decorated in various ways. You could use the space for anything from vintage art to generous storage. Using the area well above cabinets could be the answer if your kitchen style lacks some aspect. Architects, writers, and Instagram models share their ideas for utilizing the help of a professional cleaning services provider. Maid Service Orange County discuss seven ideas to keep in mind to elevate the look of your kitchen with these wood cabinet ideas while cleaning.

Maid Service Orange County Ideas

Showcase a Valuable Collection

Bouquets, old letters, and even books are perfect for adorning the tops of cupboards. Make sure the objects are large enough to be viewed from a distance. Occupy the gap beneath the cabinets with a series of pitchers filled with artificial flowers. Housekeeping studies recommend that salt and pepper shakers are not the proper scale for that spot.

Antique Finds on the Wall

When you have sufficient space, you can hang objects on the wall in the space above the cabinets, as shown by Orange County House Cleaning Services. The additional wall space unexpectedly lends itself to wall art of nearly any form, whether it’s framed family photos, mirrors, miniature macramé masterpieces, or vintage baking or culinary tools—but flea market treasures seem to look even more appealing.

Locate Storage Areas for Useful Items

The space above the cabinets is ideal for storing extra kitchen equipment. You can showcase and keep kitchen items such as dessert plates, platters, and a few accessories for additional interest. Please stick to one color palette for a simplified aesthetic, or mix it up for more closet space. The maid service Orange County can assist you with this.

High pieces must be used to occupy the gaps.

It can be hard to find tall, art-filled pieces to occupy the area above the kitchen cabinets if you’ve had a ton of potential. Vases and ceramic art that are tall and artistic can visually stretch up to the ceiling, filling the void above the cabinets.

Weaving in a Museum of Art

Gallery walls are always a classic, attractive element to include in any home. An intriguing image is created by pushing a group of similar-style artwork against each other and the back wall. Utilizing frames of the same color produces a unified look that is also simple to achieve.

Display a Sign

An antique sign would look great in the vacant space above the kitchen cabinets. It’ll seem warm and inviting over the cabinets, and it will look even better when paired with imitation floral arrangements, as the House Cleaning gurus of Irvine suggests.

Make a Garden Indoors

The aesthetic will be kept clean and current using similar styles and color pots. Setting up an indoor garden above cupboards is excellent if you don’t mind climbing up to water the plants once a week.

It’s about time to get rid of the clutter above the kitchen cabinets and get inspired by some of these examples from Orange County House Cleaning.

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