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Carpets and rugs can look new after a good cleaning. The carpet can be extended in life by cleaning and even the air quality in the home can be improved. Are there any food or beverage residues, muddy footprints, pet stains, or general dirtiness? Look for a company that provides professional carpet cleaners like Orange County Housekeeping Services that has a record of providing excellent service at a reasonable price when it’s time to call in the experts.

It is possible to ensure you get a good deal on the job done the right way by taking a few simple steps. To start, look for a local professional housekeeper who specializes in carpet cleaning. Use the tips below to make sure you’re getting the best service possible.

Pre-hiring checklist on hiring a professional

Choosing the right company will affect the quality of your carpets and rugs. High-quality tools, cleaners, equipment, and skilled technicians are needed by the best rug cleaning services companies. Orange County Housekeeping Services are professional housekeepers and carpet technician will make sure all carpet stains are removed thoroughly.

Poor handling techniques like inadequately mixed chemicals and ineffective brushing can harm the skin permanently. Do your best to avoid bad companies that engage in such practices.
In order to avoid such issues, you should get accurate quotes, check out the company, and ask all the right questions before hiring a cleaner. Make sure the professionals have the right tools to do the job correctly.

A good place to start is by laying everything out before you reach out to a company for a quote. Ensure the technician knows as much about your expectations as possible by considering these variables:

If you are looking to have your house carpets cleaned at home, be wary of prices quoted per room or in areas rather than per square foot. It may appear that companies understand the number of rooms in your home better than you do. As an example, the company might bill you for two separate rooms in what you perceive to be one L-shaped room.

Stain marks

Pay attention to stains or areas in the carpet that need extra attention. If your carpet is just dingy, take note. However, if a visitor of yours spilled Pinot Noir on your beige carpet last Thanksgiving, be sure to mention that stain as well to the assigned housekeeper.


The typical time for a house cleaning service in a single room is approximately 20 minutes and will vary. Everything depends on how much furniture needs to be moved, how dirty the carpet is, and whether spot cleaning is necessary.

Set aside a time to clean one area if you want to block off a whole day. You can expect a carpet cleaner to spend the day on the job if the whole house needs to be cleaned. Any room can take anywhere from six to 24 hours to completely dry, or as otherwise stated by the company.

Get at least three quotes from different cleaners based on these factors. Make sure you understand how each of the charges for their services as well.
Check the company’s qualifications and references
You should hire a professional carpet cleaner in Orange County who can back up their work with qualifications and reviews. To decide if it’s the right one for you, you can focus on the following points:

Training and Certificates

Find out how the company’s housekeepers and technicians are being trained. Certificates from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification are satisfactory, as it is the most commonly used and recognized training school for the cleaning and restoration industry.

Experience and Reviews

It is not only through formal education that knowledge can be gained but also through experience. Look for customer reviews on social media sites like Facebook and the company’s history online. Find out who your friends and neighbors have used in the past and how they liked them. If they are satisfied, you probably will be too.

License and Insurance

Be sure the company you’re contacting has a valid license in your state. Check your local government website for information, too.

Additionally, it is a good idea to inquire about the company’s insurance. The company should have workers’ compensation coverage or liability coverage.

Questions to Ask

During the hiring process, asking relevant questions will help you determine how your carpet will turn out. Here are a few questions to ask:

What are the inclusions in your cleaning services?

Cleaning services should include at least these five methods:
1. Dry soil removal: vacuuming thoroughly to remove dry substances from carpet fibers
2. Soil suspension: removes soils with a high-quality pre-treatment substance
3. Soil extraction (steam cleaning): removes soils from carpet with a steam cleaning machine, also known as hot water extraction
4. Grooming: removes matting and spreads cleaning chemicals throughout the carpet
5. Drying: carpet should dry for a minimum of six to eight hours

Is the price quote inclusive of specialty treatments?

Pre-treating prepares carpets for carpet protection applications, such as removing pet stains, treating high-traffic areas, and treating high-traffic areas. These extras are often offered at an additional cost.

Will You Move My Furniture?

Unless you specifically request it, furniture moving is not generally included in carpet cleaning.
Are you planning to finish the cleaning with a neutral or low PH treatment?
Carpets are often cleaned with high pH cleaners. The problem with these cleaners is that dirt becomes a magnet for them, causing them to re-soil rapidly and produce a sticky or gritty sensation. If the carpet’s pH is too high, it may harm its fibers and reduce its lifespan. If it is necessary to lower the pH after cleaning, ask the technician how it will be done.

For how long do you guarantee your work?

Good carpet cleaning services businesses will provide a guarantee. There may be stains returning, or new problems developing, so you need to know if you have options. Also, be sure to inquire about the warranty time limit so you can be sure to call in time in case something goes wrong.

Hiring Your Carpet Cleaner

Make sure everything is in writing before the service begins. Verify that your plans and expectations are met. Make sure you add a stipulation that you won’t pay until the job is completed and you are satisfied.

When Cleaning is done

A company like Orange County Housekeeping Services will probably send you a final bill at the end. Immediately speak up if you discover new flaws after the carpet cleaning has been completed. Waiting too long will lead to the company assuming the spot is new. Carpet cleaning tips are not expected. However, to show your appreciation, you can tip the cleaners. Leaving reviews on social media and review sites is also appreciated. For more details, contact Maggy Maid, the prime maid services in Orange County.


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