Cleaning Routines To Follow Every Month

house cleaning routines

It is always a challenge to keep your home clean and organized. There are some housekeeping tasks that need to be done every day or once a week. But, there are tasks that can be done every few weeks or in a month. The best house cleaning in Pacific Palisades will help us identify tasks that can be done monthly in order for you to save time and energy. Keep reading to know more!

Clean The Walls

Maybe you will notice that your walls are looking old. It is because some fingerprints or dark marks are staying there for too long. Maintaining a clean wall is slightly difficult especially if you have children at home. Please keep in mind that bacteria and germs can linger on your walls and it is very unsafe for you and your loved ones. Wipe and clean your walls every month to make sure that you are getting rid of the bacteria and at the same time, you can make sure that your walls are being maintained. You may also hire professional cleaners if you want your walls to be thoroughly cleaned.

Clean The Corners

The corners of your house are often overlooked but you have to know that dust and cobwebs can linger there, too. You can dust your ceiling, skirting boards, and cornices once a month. Make sure to not overlook these small details in your home by getting help from a maid service professional.

Under The Couch

It is safe to clean and vacuum what’s under your couch once a month. Having them uncleaned longer than that can build up dust and dirt and will make your family’s safety at risk. Too much dust and dirt can cause asthma and trigger allergies. Pacific Palisades Maid Service suggests to make sure to do this task every month if you have pets at home. You can also vacuum the couch itself to make sure that you have removed the dust.

The Washer Must Be Washed

Do not let your washer not be washed! Keeping them clean not just on the outside but the inside as well will benefit your clothes. You have an assurance that they will be cleaned and be stain free. You are also saving money in the future because doing monthly cleaning for your washer will prevent damaging your machine. If you have doubts about how you can clean the inside of your washer, you may seek help from professional cleaners to do the work for you.

Clean The Windows

Wash your curtains or wipe down the blinds regularly. Dirt and dust can linger there if you left it unclean for months. Make sure to clean the glass windows, too. This light chore can be part of your monthly housekeeping routine.

Hire Monthly House Cleaning Services

Now that you have an idea of how to keep your home maintained and what tasks can be done once a month, you are ready to go! You will realize that keeping a tidy home is not such a hard thing to do. You can also do easy cleaning chores every day so your housekeeping tasks will not be piled up.

But if you think that cleaning your home daily, weekly, or even monthly will consume too much of your time, a maid service professional is a perfect help for you!

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