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Friends coming over the weekend for a party? Whether you are celebrating your birthday, saying goodbye (finally) to your heartbreak and saying hello to a new version of yourself or just catching up and reconnecting with your main, if this will be done at home, you definitely cant avoid beer stains especially when the party people are going wild.

But no worries, here in House Cleaning Sacramento, you would not be afraid of the mess of spilled beers and beer stains!

Since you cannot prevent beer stains when you have a booze party at home, we have prepared a list of what you can do to finally bid goodbye to the stains. Without further ado, for today’s topic in House Cleaning Sacramento, here are your House Cleaning hacks for removing beer stains:

 House Cleaning hack 1:

Do not worry about dancing and partying with those party people holding their favorite beers. When your clothes got splashed by a beer or somebody is, do not panic. First, change clothes. Next, go to your kitchen and get some paper towels, then let the paper towels absorb the liquid. 

Prepare a solution of liquid detergent or simply your dish soap mixed with lukewarm water. Dip the sponge onto the solution then start blotting out the stains. Once satisfied with the results, you may now continue washing the clothes for even better results.

House Cleaning hack 2:

If you cannot do House Cleaning tip 1 right away, and you just let the stain dry off the next day, we now need the powers of a laundry stain removal. There are lots of laundry stain removal products in the market to choose from. Be careful, there is laundry stains removal that is good only for white clothing while others can only be applied to colored clothing. Let it sit for a couple of minutes. However, if the beer stain is too big, you can soak the whole cloth for 1 hour, then wash the cloth afterward.

House Cleaning hack 3:

Couches and carpets yes. You cannot avoid beer spilling on your couches and carpets, but there is nothing to worry about how you can remove the liquid and prevent it from having stains. Simply go to your kitchen and get some paper towels. Let the paper towels absorb the liquid. Do not stop, continue until the paper towel can no longer extract or absorb liquid from the area. Grab lukewarm water and liquid detergent solution, dip the sponge, and dab it onto the area. You may also use the cleaners you are using in cleaning your couches.

Now you can have a booze party at home without leaving traces of your spilled beers with these House Cleaning Sacramento hacks! We care for you too, so drink moderately and have an awesome booze party! Cheers!

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