Clean Dish Sponge Do’s and Don’ts by House Cleaning Sacramento

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Keeping your home organized and clean requires you to do your House Cleaning routine as frequently as possible.  

You have to do your House Cleaning duties, so you can prevent germs from spreading on the surfaces of your abode. 

House Cleaning Sacramento has looked up the essential clean dish sponge do’s and don’ts to give you sufficient knowledge about your dishwashing material.  

Do Dispose of Your Neat Dish Sponge  

You prioritize the well-being of your family members more than anything. Consequently, you have to work on your House Cleaning responsibilities as scheduled. Little things matter when it comes to ensuring the health of your family. Thus, you have to watch out for the following indications, so you will identify the right time to get rid of your dish sponge. It is time to throw away your sponge if:  

  • Your sponge looks grubby 
  • Your sponge emits a terrible and dirty odor
  • You have been using your sponge for more than a week  

You have to toss away your House Cleaning products if they already smell and look like a haven for germs and microbes. 

Do Use a Microfiber Scrubber Sponge 

Are you planning to change your worn-out dishwashing sponge? Choose to buy a microfiber scrub sponge that effortlessly gets dry after washing your pile of dishes. A microfiber sponge made from a combination of eighty percent polyester and twenty percent polyamide promotes a thread of stiff and firm polypropylene that removes soil and blemishes without scratching the surfaces of your dishes or kitchen objects, which is also ideal for removing baked-on food. Your microfiber sponge will smoothly absorb kitchen spills on your countertops.  

Do a Regular Washing on Your Clean Dish Sponge 

You have to stop the growth of microscopic bacteria, mold, and germs in your sponge, so you have to wash it. You may need to change your sponge regularly, but know that you can clean it by submerging it for five minutes or more onto your House Cleaning mixture of bleach and water. By dipping your sponge in this House Cleaning solution, you can eliminate almost a hundred percent of bacteria strains.  

Do Not Use One Sponge for All House Cleaning Tasks 

You have to make sure that you have multiple sponges for each of your House Cleaning tasks, like wiping the countertops and windows, scrubbing the microwave oven, and washing the dishes.  

Do Not Use Sponge in Wiping Cutting Boards 

If you do not wish to house bacteria in your sponge, you better avoid wiping meat juices using your sponge. You should throw it away if you have done so. 

Do Not Store It Wet 

You have to keep away your sponge from the drain or faucet to prevent bacteria and microbes from thriving. Store your sponge where it can get dry. Maintaining a House Cleaning habit of drying your sponge after use will save you from germs.  

House Cleaning Sacramento has gathered more House Cleaning hacks for your House Cleaning duties.  


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