Cleaning Tips for Flu/Covid-19 Prevention

home cleaning for flu

What is the best household cleaning means to prevent the COVID-19 spread? Families are grappling with getting the House Cleaning necessities in Sacramento done while keeping their loved ones safe and healthy, and mundane domestic House Cleaning duties have turned into a source of worry and anxiety. You can kill the virus using simple House Cleaning disinfectants. 

This extra House Cleaning step will aid in eliminating food-borne bacteria, which is a cause of diarrhea. Insects will be less likely to feast on leftovers left on the counter as a result of this.

Cockroaches, for example, can carry various infections and can also cause asthma and allergies in some people.

Cleaning Your Countertop

After cleaning off your counters with soap and water, sanitize them with bleach. It only takes a teaspoon of chlorine bleach per quart of water to get the House Cleaning job done. This extra House Cleaning procedure will aid in the elimination of any remaining infections.

According to the House Cleaning professionals of Sacramento, using chlorine bleach to eliminate any virus material linked to COVID-19 is also an excellent House Cleaning idea. Moreover, you can use ammonia too. Just be careful not to mix bleach and ammonia, as this might result in dangerous compounds.

How to Make Your Phone or Tablet Infect-Free

On your phone, clean it down with a disinfectant wipe or a 70% alcohol solution. Pay careful attention to the screen, the buttons, and any other areas where dust and pocket lint like to accumulate. Remove any cases on your phone or tablet, clean underneath them, replace them, then clean the outside.

House Cleaning Clothes 

The COVID-19 virus can stay on fabric for an unknown amount of time, although many clothing items have plastic and metal materials on which it could live for several hours to days. Handwashing with antibacterial soap and water shortly afterward is an excellent House Cleaning practice to consider.

Clearing the Garbage

Remove the garbage, but do not just throw out the trash. Eliminate any microorganisms that may be lurking nearby. Head out into the driveway on a nice day to wash your trash and recycling cans in warm, soapy water. Clean all of the inside garbage and outdoor garbage cans you bring to the end of your driveway.

Control Air Quality

Have you replaced your furnace filter lately? You have to replace a one-inch filter every three months. You have to replace a four-inch filter every six months. House Cleaning Sacramento recommends adding a House Cleaning reminder to your calendar to stay on top of this.

Precautions For Food Packing and Handling

Remove any extra packing and place it in a lidded rubbish container.

Remove the meal from the take-out container, place it on a clean plate, and then discard the container. Before opening or storing, wipe a disinfectant clean on packaging such as cans. Carefully wash unpackaged products, such as fruit and vegetables. Afterward, wash your hands with soap and water or apply an alcohol-based hand rub.

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