Cleaning Your Aircon System in a Breeze

Cleaning Your Aircon System in a Breeze

According to the House Cleaning team in Sacramento, Summer is here, and blistering hot days have become the norm, which means your air conditioner has been working overtime. Of course, some air conditioning units should have a professional inspect the unit, check the ducting, and ensure it’s operating smoothly. However, if you’ve had a portable or window AC unit, you can wash and fix it for yourself without spending money on repairs or a new scheme, as the House Cleaning crew in Sacramento recommends.

“Services like ours must go out now and handle the hefty maintenance on it, but in the meanwhile, individuals can follow air conditioning maintenance suggestions themselves,” explain House Cleaning specialists in Sacramento. “This is like getting your car tuned up: you must have the technician fix it up, and there are things you can do to keep it going.”

According to House Cleaning authorities in Sacramento, if you have an aircon or a window unit, read out these air conditioning system repair tips and techniques you can do quickly to protect yourself from the summer heat.

How to Clean Air Conditioning Filters

According to House Cleaning professionals, clogged filters compel your AC unit to put more effort and consume more energy to chill your home—costing you more money without delivering results. “The most important thing is to clean and change the filters,” explain House Cleaning professionals. “Each air conditioning system has an air purifier, and if it’s not changed or cleaned regularly, the airflow will be highly inefficient.” Below is how you do it:

Filters for central air conditioning units

House Cleaning professionals recommend verifying the filtration every 30 to 60 days for central air conditioning units to see whether it’s dirty or covered in dust makes a significant difference, as people with kids or pets may need to change it every month. In contrast, those who don’t have many visitors or animals may only need to change it every three months. Perforated filters, which trap dust and dirt more effectively, are recommended by House Cleaning professionals.

Filters for Window AC Units

According to House Cleaning professionals, open the window, wall-mounted, or portable air conditioner according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and replace the filter to disinfect. “We highly recommend cleaning every two weeks,” House Cleaning professionals advise. “Rinse the filters with warm water and soap to clean them. Replace the filters within the device after it has completely dried.”

What to do to Clean Air Conditioner Coils

Examine the exterior condenser unit for any dirt, grass clippings, or other material that may be obstructing the fins. You can easily clean the condenser units before contacting a professional to assess the rest of the components in a central air conditioning system.

To access the coils inside a window or portable air conditioner, open it up. If the debris is stubborn to remove, try adding a few drops of mild detergent or dish soap to the bottle. External fins on the back of window units can be cleaned in the same way. Follow these easy steps to clean your aircon and feel the new breeze and freshness.


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