Cleaning Your Bedroom Thoroughly

housekeeping in bedroom

A healthy adult needs between six and seven hours of sleep per night. However, many people are not getting the right amount of sleep due to different major factors that occupy their daily routine, which negatively impacts their health. But the good news is that keeping a clean bedroom can significantly improve one’s sleep. This leads us to today’s discussion from one of the excellent service providers of housekeeping services in Sacramento.

In the following paragraphs, we will look at how deep cleaning your bedroom can help you sleep better prepared by the best house cleaning services in Sacramento.

Place things in their proper places

Are there items of clothing on the floor? Get them off the floor first. All dirty laundry must be in a basket and clean clothes must be in the proper place. Throw away any trash insight. This is the basic rule for house cleaning if you want to achieve a neat space by starting with a deep cleaning process.

Wipe any items or areas where dust may have built up

A clean bedroom begins with getting rid of dust. A dusty environment can cause health problems and may aggravate allergy symptoms that may cause more problems in one’s sleeping. Dusting surfaces like your furniture is recommended, but in deep cleaning, you need to dust other spaces, too.

The first thing you might want to do when you practice house cleaning is to work your way downward – hitting walls, ceiling corners, your fan, headboards, drape or window rods, window sills, and furniture. This will ensure that all the dust from the top falls on the lower surfaces which will help you capture all the dust as best as possible by working from the top down. If possible, it’s also recommended that you use a microfiber dust cloth to remove all the dust or a vacuum cleaner in case needed.


Cleaning up by removing unnecessary items from an untidy place not only gives you a spacious area but also gives you more peace. When you have too many useless things, it can create distractions causing difficulty sleeping.

There is almost an association between deep cleaning and decluttering. And most of the time you can do this in our closets and drawers since these places got the most clutter, so take time to organize these spaces.

Under your Bed

There could be an enormous amount of dust living under your bed especially if you are not cleaning it in a while. As the usual routine for house cleaning, start by gathering all the items under your bed. Start sorting each one of them and throw away damaged and unusable things. Then, find a place for the things that you plan on keeping. Make sure that you sweep and mop it as you put the things back under the bed, in case this is the only place you can place the items you are keeping. By doing this, it prevents dust from build-up and it can also kill germs.

Floor Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning includes making sure your floor is free from dust, dirt, and other debris. Get your vacuum cleaner and run it over to your floors, especially on carpets and rugs. When cleaning a wooden floor, running a mop over them is helpful when it comes to catching lingering dust, dirt, or spill residue.

The Final Touch

Last but definitely not least, your house cleaning routine won’t be considered complete if you will not put everything back in order. This means placing clean clothes in their respective spaces; making your bed with fresh and clean sheets and blankets and checking everything and making sure to affirm yourself after all day of house cleaning.

So what are you waiting for? Be your own house cleaner and try to establish a routine and practices for your house cleaning, and in case you happen to be needing some housekeeping services in Sacramento, contact us & get a free quote now. Maggy Maid of Sacramento your number 1 choice!