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You are reading this article maybe because you are planning to build a new home, or you are just bored and felt like remodeling your house. Let us first discuss a few reminders. Very importantly: choosing the right colors for your home! How often should you paint the house? It depends on its geographical location, the climate and the weather on where you live. But House Cleaning experts say houses must be painted every 5 to 10 years. 

 House Cleaning Sacramento highly advises painting during the cold season or the winter season. While It is true that the scorching heat of the sun helps the paint to dry quickly, however, it is more prone to peeling in the future as the paint does not absorb properly to the surface.

Color therapy is the way how colors can influence our minds. Studies have shown this has a significant effect on how we perceive things just by their vibes like an increase of mood and energy.

 Now here is your main concern – choosing the right colors for your home. Here are some tips from House Cleaning Sacramento:

 Warm colors

The spectrum from yellow to orange not only captures attention but also stimulates a sense of warmth and vibrancy. Emotionally, these hues can evoke feelings of enthusiasm, optimism, and energy, enhancing the overall atmosphere of a space. From a design perspective, incorporating warm colors into a room can have a profound impact on its ambiance, fostering a sense of intimacy and conviviality. As a result, social and activity rooms benefit greatly from this color palette, providing a visually inviting environment that encourages interaction and lively engagement.

 Boost your Energy with Yellow

  • Speeds up your metabolism
  • Enhances your concentration
  • House Cleaning experts advise: the color is good for kitchens or living rooms where social interactions happen

Be Passionate with Red

  • A passionate color and at the same time an appetite stimulant
  • Read details are good for dining room
  • A House Cleaning experts reminder: Do not go all-out with red in your bedroom as it may be unnerving rather than arousing

Cool Colors


This ranges from blue to violet. Cool colors tend to recede or expand space. According to one of the house cleaning agency expert say, psychologically speaking, cool colors create a sense of calmness and intimacy as they remind us of blue elements like the water and the skies which makes them perfect for private rooms.

 Be One with Nature, choose Green

  • Creates a calming, refreshing and rejuvenating atmosphere
  • Highly recommended for lovers of nature

 Purple or Lavender for Tranquility

  • A sedative kind of vibe
  • A House Cleaning experts reminder: Do not go all-out with purple or lavender as it may become depressing. 

Blues of Blue

  • Stimulates thoughts
  • Not an appetite stimulant
  • House Cleaning experts highly recommend this color for study rooms, offices, gym/exercise areas or classrooms; not advisable to use in bedrooms and dining rooms

Some neutral colors:



  • Gives a sense of reflection
  • If combined with other colors, it gives more energy to that color


  • Gives clarity, purity and illuminates thoughts
  • Best combined to other elements such as plants, paints on canvass or picture frames

Warm colors can be cool colors and vice versa – this depends on the hues and tones of each.

Your home’s color palette should reflect your personal taste and preferences, creating a space that resonates with your unique style. Consider the emotions and moods associated with different colors, as this can influence the overall ambiance of your living spaces. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold and vibrant hues if they align with your personality, injecting a sense of energy and character into your home. Ultimately, the colors you select should evoke a sense of joy and comfort, making your living environment a true reflection of your individuality.


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