Daily Cleaning Tips From Our House Cleaning Sacramento Experts

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We always hear and read about the tagline, “Prevention is better than cure”. But what does this mean? Well, we need to stop problems from happening before they even start. That should be your mantra on all aspects of your life, especially house cleaning. House Cleaning Sacramento pros made a “daily cleaning tips” list for the go-getters who live a fast-paced life to help you live an active life and maintain a clean home.

 So how do we clean daily with all our busy schedules? You would probably find it impossible to believe that it’ll need only 15-20 minutes each day to maintain your home clean and tidy.

  1.  Never go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink. A common tip is to always wash those dishes right away and not wait for the next day. It can breed a lot of bacteria that will be hard to eliminate later. At least rinse and throw them in the dishwasher before bed.
  2. “If you want to change the world, make your bed”, by US Navy Admiral William H McRaven. This is the first step to building good habits. According to our House Cleaning experts, making your bed every single day stimulates your brain to get used to routines.
  3. Never bring outside clothes in bed. Imagine all the seats you’ve taken. All the people you bumped into. It’ll never be a good idea to share your bed with any of those microorganisms you’ve carried all the way to your home. Thus, the house cleaning team suggests that segregating your outside clothes and inside clothes is a good option to clean them properly.
  4. Instill in your kids to put the things back where they belong as soon as they are done using them, instead of waiting for a later time. “This simple task will prevent you from building up clutter in the future”, an insider tip from House Cleaning Sacramento.
  5. Implement the “NO SHOE RULE”. A tip from a House Cleaning pro is to invest in cute in-house slippers, not just to protect your feet from communicable diseases on your floor but also for you not to bring in more germs when wearing outside shoes in the house..
  6. Keep hampers in each bedroom. Make it fun and quirky for the kids to always dump their soiled clothes in the hamper. A House Cleaning expert says this can cut down cleaning and washing time in half.
  7. Rinse everything when showering. When taking a bath or shower, you can always rinse down the soap suds from the shower wall, curtains and glass door. Always have a squeegee to wipe down the walls and glass.
  8. CLAYGO. Clean As You Go. This is practiced in school canteens, office cafeterias and some food chains and should be adapted in our homes. According to a House Cleaning pro this is a conscious effort for each family member to clean their own messes to avoid piling up that will later be harder to deal with.

Keeping the house clean is necessary for us to be healthy and finding the best House Cleaning partners is a must. Give us a call to bring your home to it’s cleanest, so you can start implementing these daily cleaning tips ASAP!

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