Do’s and Don’ts in Cleaning Dish Sponge by House Cleaning Sacramento

Do's and don'ts in home cleaning Sacramento

How well do you know things about sponge bacteria? Maybe, you have read about dish sponges being the filthiest object in the house. And it’s true because, without proper House Cleaning, the dish sponge is usually covered with food particles and always moist making it easier for the disease-causing bacteria to foster and grow.

So, what should you do to stop bacteria from thriving in your dish sponge? Follow the House Cleaning do’s and don’ts in cleaning your dish sponge brought to you by our best House Cleaning Sacramento team.


Do Clean the Dish Sponge Daily

One way to clean sponges is to pour little drops of bleach into them. This House Cleaning method will kill the bacteria and prevent any contamination from happening. While the sponge is wet, put it inside the microwave and wait for about 1 to 2 minutes. Don’t forget to keep an eye on it to avoid getting it burned or get too hot. Also, give it some time to cool off before removing it in the microwave. Using a dishwasher can also be an option just to use the heat dry setting.

Do Look for a Dry Location to Store It

Some people just leave their sponges on the same wet spot where they got them. It is essential that after you do House Cleaning like wringing it out and washing off any food debris that you store it in a dry area. Based on House Cleaning Sacramento expert advice, leaving dish sponges to air dry will only allow harmful bacteria to grow rapidly. Also, remember not to damp sponges on closed areas like under the sink and buckets.

Do Replace Your Sponge Often

Not all House Cleaning people know that sponges can reek with bacteria after three or four uses. While you include sponges in your daily House Cleaning routine that can reduce the risk of any contamination or food poisoning, replacing your dish sponge frequently is a must. One sign to know that you should already dump your sponge is when it already starts to smell.


Don’t Use It on Countertops

Our House Cleaning Sacramento team wants you to think about the fact that sponges contain millions of bacteria and some of these can get you sick. With this knowledge, avoid spreading it more by not using it on countertops or other areas during House Cleaning. Instead, use a disinfectant wipe or a paper towel in cleaning these areas.

Don’t Wipe Meat Juices

Spreading harmful pathogens can be increased when you use a sponge when cleaning dishes with ground beef or poultry residuals. Use a paper towel when cleaning this up and other areas with spills and messes like this.

Don’t Forget about Dishcloths

While we’re emphasizing cleaning sponges, you should also remember to do House Cleaning like washing dishcloths with hot water to kill bacteria in them. Put it in the dryer with high heat and separate these for different uses.

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