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House dust and dust mites are so small that they can be inhaled and get into your body. Everyone has different responses to it – worst, for some, as it triggers their allergies.

House Cleaning Sacramento experts at Maggy Maid do research and extra work just to make your homes safe and clean. Since we are bombarded with lots of tools and equipment in the market or on our TVs, it causes a lot of confusion on what to buy and what we should not because not all of them are of help, instead, they are just adding up to the problem.

 For today’s article on House Cleaning Sacramento tips, these are the House Cleaning tools you should avoid as they would not help you fight our microscopic enemies – dust.

 1. Feather duster

This House Cleaning tool is not helping you get rid of the dust. Instead, it just spreads it. The enemies are so light that they can stay afloat for minutes and travel to other surfaces or even to the hard-to-reach areas of your house.

 2. Cotton or Nylon cloth

House Cleaning experts have said that cotton or nylon cleaning tools can still leave traces of dust and dirt; use a microfiber cloth instead. Cotton or Nylon cloth are not as effective as the microfiber cloths which have the power to lock in the dust – making it easier and much more convenient in House Cleaning.

 However, you still can use cotton or nylon cloths by removing undesired stains in fabrics, say, curtains, carpets, and bedsheets. It is highly recommended using white-colored cleaning cloths to prevent dyes from transferring.

 3. Wet wipes

Our House Cleaning experts do not recommend this to be one of your House Cleaning tools. It is not just an enemy of our planet but these wipes are made up of cotton so again, they still leave traces of dust. Also, if you think it would cost you less, it costs you more! Do not be fooled just because they are ready-to-use cleaning wipes.

 4. Humidifiers

They are cool but do not buy them if your place is too humid already. Our House Cleaning experts said the perfect humidity for our homes is just 50%. Too much humidity can be the cause of dust accumulation. Instead, buy an air purifier to capture these microscopic enemies and help you in decontaminating the air.

House Cleaning Sacramento is just reminding us to be smart buyers. If there are other sellers of tools and equipment claiming its effectiveness, do not be afraid to ask their speculations and read some reviews that can be found through the internet so you can assess if those would help or not. Be very cautious and careful from bogus sellers!

Following these tips will surely jump start your squeaky clean homes. Always remember a clean house is essential for a healthy family. A healthy family is a happy home!


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