Easy Ways to Reduce Food Waste at Home

housekeeping ways to reduce waste

Food waste is prominent around the world. Whether at restaurants, supermarkets, or even at home, people think that food waste is expected. These practices waste natural resources — from spoiled food to rotten fruits and vegetables to expired grocery items. If you believe it isn’t a grave problem, then you are wrong, this is one House Cleaning dilemma of all time.

The experts in House Cleaning in Sacramento are committed to helping this global problem be solved. What better way to start this movement but to do this at home. With proper House Cleaning, make this a habit as you learn these six effortless ways to lessen food waste at home.

  1. Do not buy more than what you need. Wherever you go grocery shopping, you have to plan. Make a grocery list. Ask everyone at home what they need and only buy what is required. The House Cleaning team in Sacramento is against impulsive buying. You’ll save food, you’ll save money, and you’ll save time House Cleaning. Less purchase, less House Cleaning.
  2. First in, first out. Storing food correctly is the key to avoiding waste. Older products should be in the front of the cupboard or the refrigerator, while newer products should go in the rear. To preserve the freshness of food, use airtight containers. That way, you will prevent food items from spoiling and expiring. Plus, rotten fruits will affect other fruits near it. You’ll probably have to clear up your fruit storage in the refrigerator and do some House Cleaning.
  3. Make use of leftovers. If there are food items that you didn’t consume, you can indeed store them for later use. It can be a good ingredient for a different dish. For example, vegetable scraps may still be used as a soup stock, while pork bones are great for broths. No food wastes, just like you wanted it.
  4. Create a weekly meal plan. Creating a meal plan for the whole week may help you comply with House Cleaning Tip #1. Knowing what meals to prepare for the week can keep you organized with your food consumption and reduce food waste. You may be resourceful and check out cookbooks or browse through cooking websites to help plan out meals.
  5. Know the facts behind expiry dates. When you do House Cleaning in the pantry, you usually check the food items’ expiry dates or “best before” dates. Once you see that it’s past the date, automatically, you throw it into the garbage bin. These dates only assist markets in determining when to rotate stocks. They aren’t directly intended for consumers. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the lack of knowledge over these dates accounts for up to 20% of the food waste.
  6. Regularly include your refrigerator in your House Cleaning schedule. You’re in luck; now’s the time to give your fridge a good scrub. Doing this keeps your food fresh and will make you recognize what resources you have on hand. For instance, meat and fish should be stored where it is the coldest, a House Cleaning tip from Sacramento that you should bear in mind!

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