15-Minute House Cleaning, possible? | House Cleaning Sacramento

fast house cleaning

Do you have unexpected guests coming in one or two hours? Do not panic! Be well-equipped with these fast House Cleaning Sacramento hacks!

The next time you will be visiting the grocery store, make sure to buy all of these:

  1. Deodorizers
  2. Scented disinfectant spray
  3. Microfiber cloths
  4. All-purpose spray
  5. Baking soda
  6. Toilet papers
  7. Hand soaps/hand sanitizers

When you have all of them, you are now ready for faking up House Cleaning. Do your “fake House Cleaning” with these House Cleaning Sacramento tips:

1. Quick Decluttering

Grab a large bag or use your extra laundry basket, put the unnecessary items laying in the living room and kitchen as they are where people would usually spend more time. After that, keep them in wherever part of your house which will not be easily seen.

Fake House Cleaning tip: Just focus on the said two parts of the house – wipe exposed surfaces, arrange the pillows, fix the couch, make the countertops and your sinks clean, and replace the trash bags of your trash bins. Do not forget to put some baking soda on the bottom of the bins to avoid the unpleasant smell.

2. Quick Floor Clean-up

Make use of your vacuum for a quick clean-up for your floor. Here is the rule of thumb: Do not leave traces of dirt especially on the most visited places at your house.

3. A Fresh and Safe Home

Keep the house smelling fresh by making use of a scented disinfectant spray for rooms. 

Fake House cleaning tip: Hit two birds with one stone by using a scented disinfectant spray. This way, you already have freshened up the room and at the same time, you are making your home safe from viruses, germs, and bacteria.

4. Tidy-up that Bathroom

Have your cleaning-cloth ready and the all-purpose spray then wipe all surfaces; refill the toilet papers and hand soaps or hand sanitizers; change the trash bin, and replace your deodorizer if needed.

Fake House cleaning tip: Tidy-up the bathroom before having a quick bath. You should also look presentable for the visitors!

Once you’re done and you still have time for House Cleaning, do other small chores like dusting off the frames, your TV, and even organizing magazines. You may also prepare snacks so when they get there, you can all just chill and you have got to spend more time getting in touch with your friends! 

In House Cleaning Sacramento, we discourage everyone from using disposable cleaning wipes. Whilst it is convenient, they do not help our planet because what it wants is not just fake clean-ups but a real clean and green environment. Buy microfiber cloths instead as they are hassle-free than any other cleaning cloths. Hit the grocery stores and do not forget the must-buys on the list. The next time they will visit again, you are always ready for masking it up! 

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