Germ-free Kitchen is Possible!

Germ-free Kitchen is Possible!

The kitchen is, without a doubt, the most common use room in the house. When it comes to maintaining appropriate kitchen hygiene, extra care is essential. It is crucial to keep your kitchen germ-free to prevent the spread of germ-causing diseases. In today’s topic, we, the House Cleaning specialists in Sacramento, will go over the golden rules for getting rid of germs in your kitchen. Furthermore, allowing the virus to develop in your kitchen may also put you and your family at risk of being unwell. So, consider adding the Sanitation process to your House Cleaning Checklist.

So, here are the basic principles for getting rid of the germs and disease in your kitchen, brought to you by the House Cleaning team of Sacramento.

1. Washing of Hands 

Washing is the most basic method of avoiding the transmission of germs. It may be of great assistance if we continue with this approach throughout your House Cleaning procedure. It may also help eliminate food contamination, especially when cooking a meal. During the cooking process, you will have to touch everything from raw food to utensils and even the canister or bottle of condiments, so washing your hands constantly, helps avoid the spread of germs.

2. Care for your Utensils

Just as you should pay attention to your hands before handling anything, you should also pay attention to the items you will be utilizing, particularly your cutting boards. So, make it a habit to rinse all utensils and kitchen items before using them. It can also be a source of bacteria or contaminate your uncooked food from one batch to the next. In this case, you will be able to get rid of the germs and ensure the safety of your meal.

3. Cross-contamination

Surfaces in the kitchen do not need to have direct contact with food to become contaminated. For example, if you handle raw food and then take something from the refrigerator without washing your hands first, the handle of your refrigerator becomes infected with the germs from the uncooked food you touched. Remember to include everything in the kitchen, even the tiny handle and the canister, in your House Cleaning procedure since it may contain invisible germs from cross-contamination.

4. Attention to Towels

You should also pay particular attention to hand and kitchen towels since they can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Kitchen towels must be replaced or washed regularly. Always wash your hands after touching a kitchen towel; it might be a source of cross-contamination. It is also a House Cleaning item that may use in your House Cleaning routine after completing a task such as dishwashing or cooking. Furthermore, germs will be everywhere if you leave the kitchen towels alone.

5. Cleaning and Sanitation Products

Use disinfectants correctly to maximize germ protection in your kitchen. Read the labels and directions on your cleaning goods carefully. Only disinfectants recognized by the EPA are certified to eradicate 99.999 percent of germs from nonporous surfaces. The sign should state the “dwell time,” which is the amount of time to soak the surface with the disinfectant to kill all germs.

If you follow these golden principles in your House Cleaning routine, you can be assured that your kitchen is germ-free. The House Cleaning crew in Sacramento wants to be your partner in maintaining a germ-free from disease in the kitchen and healthy house.


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