Getting Out Pet Stains With Vinegar by House Cleaning Sacramento Team

home cleaning pet stains with vinegar

Having pets running around the house and meeting us at the entrance door after a long day at work brings a lot of joy. However, aside from the happiness they bring, we have to admit that they can also mess around most of the time; and that requires House Cleaning.

The most common mess we have to deal with is pee and poop. We understand your urge to house-train or potty-train your pets, but House Cleaning may be rough at first. Thus, the House Cleaning Sacramento team gives you some information on Getting Out Pet Stains in whatever floorings you have at home using one common House Cleaning ingredient… vinegar. The acidity of vinegar makes it one of the most effective House Cleaning agents. It works to lift and disinfect stains. Interested? Read on.


House Cleaning Sacramento experts found out that pets peeing on carpets are common. The fact that carpets are absorbent helps keep our pets’ paws dry. Probably the reason why carpets are their go-to toilets.

  1. Ensure that the carpet is dry by dabbing a clean towel on the affected area.
  2. Mix water with vinegar – equal portion. Pour over the solution to the area affected. A soft-bristled toothbrush may come in handy for you to do a bit of scrubbing. After which, let the solution dry.
  3. To get rid of the smell of the vinegar solution, baking soda shall save the day — an all-around House Cleaning deodorizer. Let it sit on the area for a day or more, until the smell is completely gone.
  4. Once satisfied with the outcome, vacuum to clear away remaining substances.

Hardwood Floors

Urine can quickly damage wooden floors. So, when you see your pet peeing on your floor, act fast and do your House Cleaning. It may help prevent permanent stains buildup on your flooring.

  1. Ensure that the carpet is dry by dabbing a clean towel on the area.
  2. In a bucket, mix one cup of vinegar with warm water.
  3. Scrub the floor normally as you would do when House Cleaning. Try to focus the scrubbing on the areas with the most prominent stain.


Concrete floors are most commonly used in the basement or the garage — the usual spot for parked cars. Chances are, your pets have tried to pee on your tires several times already. The House Cleaning Sacramento Team found that our pets do this to mark their territory. Thus, pet stains are all over your concrete flooring. At some point, you just accepted the fact that urine has seeped into concrete, permanently. But, you might consider these steps:

  1. Mix two cups of vinegar to one cup of hot water. Use a spray bottle as vinegar may react with concrete’s alkaline if poured directly.
  2. Scrub, if necessary, and let it dry naturally.

These steps may only be applicable if the pet stain is still fresh and/or the smell is still manageable. If not, a professional carpet cleaner might help.

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