Getting Rid of Scuff Marks on a Hardwood Floor

go maids made use of sponge

If you have solid flooring in your house, whether hardwood or tile, there’s a high possibility you have a few scuff marks here and there. If you are sick with unattractive scuff marks that won’t come away with a small amount of elbow grease, it’s time to look into alternative House Cleaning options. The good news is that scuff marks don’t have to be permanent; you need to know how to remove them depending on what created them and what type of floor you’re working on. These scuff marks might add effort to your House cleaning process if you don’t know how to remove them. Worry no more! Because the House Cleaning professionals of Sacramento gather the most efficient and easiest ways to remove scuff marks on your hardwood floor.

Take a look at these five practical House Cleaning strategies utilizing your home items on hand, presented to you by the House Cleaning team in Sacramento.

1. Remove using a wet sponge. 

This House Cleaning method may not work on scuff marks that have been there for a long time. If the scuff mark is still new, this House cleaning procedure is the simplest.

2. Remove using Baking Soda Mixture.

Baking soda, a common household item, will be used in this House Cleaning method. Make a baking soda and water solution and carefully wipe it over the scuff, matching the direction of the wood’s grain.

3. Remove using Erasers.

Pencil erasers are convenient for more than just correcting assignment mistakes. An eraser is an ideal House cleaning tool for minor scuff marks that require a mild, regulated amount of pressure that will not damage your floor. Erase the markings using a simple pink eraser from your children’s school supplies. If this isn’t enough, use robust scruff erasers found in hardware stores.

4. Remove using Tennis Shoe.

If you wonder how to erase scuff marks from your floor, many experts in House Cleaning will not hesitate to inform you about this House cleaning procedure. For this method, you’ll need a clean, light-soled tennis shoe. Set the shoe sole over the mark with your hand in the heel of the shoe. Twist the shoe a few times while providing gentle pressure on the heel.

5. Remove using a Tennis Ball.

This House Cleaning procedure works well for the dominant, most stubborn scuff marks. Check that the tennis ball is clean. If you use a dirty one, you risk scratching or staining the floor. Just cut a hole in a tennis ball, place it on the end of a broom handle, and use your leverage to wipe away the mark until it disappears.

So there you have it! With these methods from the House Cleaning professionals in Sacramento, you will no longer be worried by scuff marks on your wooden floor. If you followed the House Cleaning Team’s easy yet efficient House Cleaning strategies for eliminating scuff marks on your hardwood floor, your House Cleaning procedure is effortless.

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