Good Housekeeping Habits by Our House Cleaning Team in Sacramento

good housekeeping habits

Happy New Year! Or better yet, happy new you! Whether it’s January or you just woke up one day and decided to acquire good housekeeping habits, it’s never too late to start your House Cleaning Resolutions.

Good for you! House Cleaning Sacramento suggests some good housekeeping habits you probably want to achieve. Never underestimate the power of habit. Sooner or later, you’ll be surprised these tips will no longer feel like work.

Make your Good Housekeeping Habits by Our House Cleaning Team in Sacramentobed every morning

Being it the first activity you’ll do in the morning, bed-making is a perfect way to kickstart your day. It is a good behavior to have and House Cleaning Sacramento would attest to the satisfaction of coming home after a long day, seeing your little sanctuary neat and tidied up.

Start your day with this House Cleaning habit and see an amazing chain of reactions of other good decision-making habits.

Wipe off spills immediately

Spills? We can probably do that later. Oops! However, House Cleaning Sacramento recommends it’s about time to stop that habit, as consistent spills can lead to stubborn stains and damage over time. Regular cleaning and addressing spills promptly can contribute to maintaining a pristine and welcoming living space.

Prompt cleaning not only safeguards against potential accidents at home but also contributes to maintaining a pleasant and odor-free household environment. Taking prompt action when spills occur ensures that the living space remains clean and hygienic. By adopting a proactive approach to cleaning, we create a safer and more pleasant atmosphere within our homes.


How to Clean Stuffed Toys?

Start with your closet and get rid of clothes that no longer “spark joy” as Japanese organizing consultant, Marie Kondo would say. Organize your pantry. In your kitchen, your refrigerator needs decluttering, too. The list goes on. Look around, and you’ll be surprised at how many things you have that are no longer used nor needed.

Assign a Fixed Place for Everything

Knowing where to store your house keys, which cabinet houses your cat food, and the designated area for your slippers not only makes it easier for you to find things but also contributes to maintaining an organized home. The symbiotic relationship between house cleaning and organizing is often underestimated, but when synchronized, they significantly enhance the overall tidiness of your living space. So, establishing these designated spots can be a simple yet effective step towards a more orderly and efficient home.

Clean your bathroom regularly

This House Cleaning task seems to be taken for granted as there are a lot of toilet cleaning hacks online. Little did you know, that waiting for your bathroom to look filthy before cleaning it, actually leaves you a more challenging task in the long run.

Selecting a specific day of the week to kickstart this habit will provide structure and consistency to your routine. Whether it’s Monday to set a positive tone for the week or Friday to celebrate accomplishments, choosing a dedicated day fosters commitment and makes it easier to establish the desired behavior.

Dust around every day

However, this should only be a part of your weekly deep cleaning. Dusting every day can keep your house looking clean and fresh. Why not, instead of sitting down after a huge meal, help your body digest food by actually moving around and dusting? Good for your body, good for your home.

House Cleaning isn’t bad after all. Change your mindset and turn your chores into opportunities to bond with the family. You may assign a cleaning day for the whole family and call in your pizza delivery after. Or put out your speakers and dance to your favorite trance music while you do your House Cleaning. Whatever it is, good housekeeping habits will be to your benefit.









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