Helpful Rules of Shower Enclosure Handling by House Cleaning Sacramento

house cleaning services ensure proper handling for shower enclosure

Clean, polished, and undamaged glass shower enclosures surely contribute to the total luxurious feel of your restroom. Whether it be clear glass, frosted, hammered, and so on… they all certainly are made of tempered glass. Like any other glass, when House Cleaning isn’t done often, tempered glass can also acquire dirt over time. When not handled carefully, it may cause harm when it shatters. So, the question is…

How do you take care of your glass shower doors?

At House Cleaning Sacramento, we are committed to providing you some helpful tips, or rules rather, on proper Shower Enclosure Handling.

• House Cleaning Rule #1:

After every bath, clean your shower enclosures using a squeegee. Yes, the more times you bathe, the more you have to squeegee. Though this might add a few more minutes to your allotted time to bath, this rule will surely prevent water spots and soap scums.

House Cleaning Sacramento strongly discourages the use of scouring pads and hard-bristle brushes when cleaning shower enclosures. These House Cleaning tools may work in other parts of the house, but not in our shower doors, as they are too abrasive and may damage tempered glass.

• House Cleaning Rule #2:

Aside from the daily routine squeegee, clean your shower enclosure with vinegar or baking soda at least once a week. Vinegar and/or baking soda certainly does magic in almost all around the household. Whichever of these two is available, mix with hot water and put your DIY solution in a spray bottle. Spray onto the glass, hinges, and edges, and wash with warm water. Sparkling clean glass doors!

If daily and weekly maintenance seems too much of a work for you, House Cleaning Sacramento suggests seeking opinions from door companies as to choosing shower enclosures with coating. Door coatings not only protect shower glass doors from water stains and soap scum build-up, but it also means it requires less House Cleaning and maintenance.

• House Cleaning Rule #3:

Never forget to clean your shower door seals at least once every month as you would clean the glass. Using the bleach-water solution plus a soft-bristled brush, carefully scrub through the seals making sure you won’t pull it out of the glass.

• Shower Maintenance Rule #1:

Ensure proper air ventilation in the bathroom. Poor ventilation will result in mold and mildew growth in shower doors. Bathrooms need to breathe, so ensure to turn your vents on as you shower, or leave the shower enclosures ajar after bathing.

• Shower Maintenance Rule #2:

Always shut glass doors gently. A loosened hinge may result in glass breakage and may cause more damage to your family.

Conclusion: Though proper handling of shower enclosures may seem like a tough task, with all the House Cleaning and Shower Maintenance Rules mentioned… putting up some tactics to extend your shower enclosure’s life will surely come a long way!


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