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Let’s face it: we’re probably not cleaning our linens enough for the time we spend in our beds. The House Cleaning specialists in Sacramento Bedding should be changed every two weeks. However, this varies depending on the sheets you’re using, the time of year, your overall health, and cleanliness.

Suppose you’re sweating during the night, suffering from allergies, or eating in bed. In that case, you should be changing your bedding more often by applying House Cleaning techniques. The same is true for those who use thicker sheets, such as wool or flannel, which can trap dust and debris (as well as crumbs) in their fibers. Also, if you’ve been unwell, you should wash your sheets as soon as possible. 

The House Cleaning professional advocates adequate disinfection and sanitization techniques to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. In addition to human contact, germs can spread through dirty bedding and blankets. 

In order to get rid of foul odors and bacteria buildup in your linens, you’ll need to hire a professional housekeeper to perform the dirty work for you. 

These House Cleaning detergents and appliances go deep into your bedding to remove stains, lingering odors, and microorganisms that cause allergies and illnesses. You’ll have more peace of mind, cleaner linens, and a better night’s sleep.

1. Hex Performance Laundry Detergent

The House Cleaning aces in Sacramento say most detergents will get out surface stains and faint scents. Still, to really delve into your bedding, you’ll want a more high-powered choice. We’ve been using this HEX Performance detergent, which digs deep into clothes utilizing the company’s unique “HEX Molecule” (a tiny synthetic-based molecule).

The House Cleaning researchers explain that the molecule works to release the dirt. At the same time, the liquid detergent deodorizes and saturates fibers for a deeper, more thorough clean. HEX detergent was created to help remove sweat stains and bacteria from workout apparel, so it’s tough enough for your sheets. The antimicrobial agent keeps your sheets fresh and prevents them from losing their suppleness or form. This Detergent can be your go-to when you are doing your House Cleaning.

2. Lysol Laundry Sanitizer

Based on House Cleaning experts in Sacramento for a first pass, a decent detergent is fantastic, but how sterilized do your linens actually come out of the wash? To avoid lingering odors on your clothing and kill hazardous bacteria, consider adding a capful or two of this Lysol laundry sanitizer to your next washing machine cycle.

Lysol’s germ-fighting products are well-known, and this gentle recipe is no exception. It doesn’t contain any House Cleaning bleach and even kills 99.9% of bacteria when activated in cold water. It’s safe to use in whites and colors and delicate goods like baby clothing and bedding. Add it to your fabric softener compartment, or throw it into the tub shortly before the rinse cycle.


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