House Cleaning Hacks to Clean Painted Walls in a Flash

House Cleaning Hacks to Clean Painted Walls in a Flash

The House Cleaning experts in Sacramento believe that if you make an effort to ensure your home is clean and neat, you’ve picked up a few helpful ideas. Keeping your home tidy is vital, from cleaning and mopping to hardwood floor care and carpet shampooing. But could you adequately clean your walls? Don’t panic if “wall washing” isn’t on your list of House Cleaning tasks. You’re not the only one. Horizontal surfaces, such as floors, counters, and chairs, receive far more attention than our walls.

For a more visually appealing and healthy home, you may learn how to clean walls and incorporate them into your regular House Cleaning routine with the help of these tips and tricks. Read on.

1. Flat, satin, and eggshell finishes should be used with caution.

According to a House Cleaning specialist from Sacramento, multiple wall paint finishes are less long-lasting than the paint frequently used for window trim, doors, and baseboards. Walls with flat paint finishes should never be cleaned with aggressive chemicals or professional degreasers. Use a soft sponge with a regular House Cleaning solution to clean these surfaces. Scrubbing with too much force might result in the paint being stripped away from the surface.

2. Glossy and semi-gloss coatings are pretty durable.

They are typically used in high-traffic areas such as kitchens and bathrooms because of their long-term durability. If you clean correctly, a mild degreaser can be used on shiny walls without damaging them. Even when glossy paints are challenging to work with, a soft sponge should be used to avoid scratches.

3. For latex paint walls, use warm water and an all-purpose cleaning solution.

House Cleaning geniuses use a soft sponge and an all-purpose House Cleaning solution such as water, dish soap, and distilled white vinegar for this type of paint. Gently scrub your wall after dipping a clean sponge into the wall cleanser and wringing it out. Even while the vinegar stench should diminish with time, wiping the wall down with a damp towel will help expedite the process significantly.

4. Oil-based paint can be cleaned with warm water and dish soap.

White vinegar is not necessary if your walls are painted with oil-based paint. Vinegar acid can harm and degrade oil-based coatings. Keep your sponge damp while using dish soap, baking soda, and warm water to scrub the dirt and grime. Experts in House Cleaning from Sacramento state that dish soap should be assertive enough to remove filth from oil-based paint, while baking soda acts as a moderate abrasive. 

5. Clean in a safe manner.

While you should clean the wall surfaces around outlets, light switches, and thermostats to eliminate built-up filth, you should avoid getting these areas wet if at all possible. Before washing your switch plates and outlet covers with anything wet, be sure they are completely dry. Ensure the breaker is turned off. At the same time, House Cleaning the walls should be accompanied by placing towels along the base of the walls to protect your floors.


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