House Cleaning Sacramento Shares Ways to Organize Your Medicine Cabinet

house cleaning medicine cabinet Sacramento

Disorganized medicine cabinet? If there’s an emergency, what will you do? Having to find items or tools during emergency cases causes panic and anxiety to a person. So, what are you waiting for? Go to your bathroom medicine cabinet and let’s organize your essentials.

House Cleaning Sacramento – Maggy Maid researched for ways to organize your bathroom medicine cabinet. So, no need to worry and let’s go do House Cleaning.

Clear the Cabinet

Well, House Cleaning won’t be House Cleaning if you won’t remove dirt. Start from scratch by emptying the decks of your cabinet. Sort the contents by throwing away the expired, unsealed, broken, and not needed contents into the trash bin. Wipe down the shelves with a damp cloth to remove the dust and other medicine particles.

Use Magnets

House Cleaning will be effective once you sort exact items. Looking for scissors, tweezers, nail tools, and bobby pins could take you a long time. Magnetize those small objects to save you time and stress looking for missing items.

Maximize Space

Adjust your shelf depending on the height of the items. In that way, you can make a lot of room for your hair products, shaving cream, and toothbrushes. Putting your essentials like toothbrush and toothpaste is really sanitary and clean. You can also add stainless steel and pullout baskets to add in your storage space. You can get the things that you need in one simple step.

Downsize Items

Having containers help for easy access and to avoid bulky items stuffed in your cabinet. Put your cotton and capsules or tablets in a clear jar. If you don’t have a clear one, labeling it will help you with the trouble.

Group your things

Put your medicines in the top shelf, beauty products in the middle, and other essentials in the bottom part. You can also combine beauty essentials with a pullout cosmetic caddy to make your everyday routine easy.

First Aids

Our House Cleaning team shares that ointment, eye-droppers, bandages, and other first-aid essentials must be together. So that when an emergency occurs, you’re ready and won’t perfectly panic. For better preparedness, you can customize your kits too. Create each for allergies, cough, cold, poison ivy, and many more.

For Travel

Well, you don’t want to do House Cleaning every time you go somewhere. Don’t disorganized your bathroom medicine cabinet every time you travel just to get your essentials. Make a travel pouch with your essentials so when you go, there’s no need to rummage through your shelves.

Being prepared always pays the prize. Less panic attack and fast in resolving emergencies. Sorting items in your bathroom medicine cabinet also helps in your everyday routine. Just don’t forget to put back everything that you get from the medicine cabinet to keep it organized.

Our House Cleaning team will continue to help you with your everyday necessities and keep in providing House Cleaning Sacramento hacks that you will surely find useful.


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