House Cleaning Sacramento – Take your Dish Soaps to the Next Level!

home cleaning with dish soaps Sacramento

Dish soaps are not just for dishes. It is true. House Cleaning Sacramento has found out three more ways on how we could take our dish soaps to the next level. There is also an additional House Cleaning tip in choosing the right dish soap. So, read on! 

Without further ado, these are three more ways that House Cleaning Sacramento discovered how dish soaps can help you (except washing dishes) with your House Cleaning.

1. Dish soaps can remove fresh stains from clothes.

In case you are wondering how to do it, it is easy. What you will need are paper towels, a clean sponge, warm water, a pail or a clean sink, and of course, the dish soap. Dilute two tablespoons of dish soap onto the warm water then leave it for a few minutes. Grab your paper towels then let it absorb the stain or liquid. Once it gets absorbed completely, dip a clean sponge onto the mixture then dab it onto the stain then rinse. Our House Cleaning experts’ advice is to repeat the process until you are satisfied with the results.

2. Dish soaps can be your kitchen countertop and stove top cleanser.

To do this, you have to prepare warm water, sponge or microfiber cloth, and dish soap. Dilute the dish soap onto the warm water then pour the solution into a bottle or sprayer. If you do not have a sprayer, get your old bottle of perfume which has a sprayer. (Look how House Cleaning can boost your creativity for making DIYs!)

3. Dish soaps can remove stains from carpets.

Prepare warm water, clean white cloth, sponge, another clean cloth in any color and do not forget the main ingredient: dish soap. Dilute the dish soap onto the warm water. Once done, dip the clean white cloth onto the mixture then dab the stained area until all stains get transferred to the clean white cloth. After that, grab a sponge dipped into cold water to finish. Then dry the area with a clean cloth of any color. 

Warm or cold water?

If you will be asking, why are these House Cleaning tips make use of warm instead of cold water, there is a scientific study about that. Our experts from House Cleaning Sacramento say that warmer temperatures help the cleaners bring their best or do their work more effectively as the molecules move quickly in high temperatures. So, the higher the water temperature is, the higher the activities of the molecules will be. 

House Cleaning Sacramento tips on choosing your dish soap: Since you wash the dishes every day, choose those products that are not harmful to your skin. When going out for a camp, you could also choose products that are environmentally-friendly so our friends living on water would not be getting any trouble. House Cleaning experts believe that the water coming from our homes is not directed to the rivers. They undergo the process of water treatment facilities to help us filter dangerous chemicals.

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