Household Chores to Commit Before Travelling

cleaning refrigerator done by the best cleaning service

Getting prepared for a vacation can be pretty exhausting, as all House Cleaning experts in Sacramento confirm. There seem to be a thousand things to take charge of and arrange to relax for several days at a location you only get to visit once a year if lucky or once in a lifetime.

Here are a few tips from the House Cleaning gurus of Sacramento, apart from preparing and triple-checking the baggage, these are five actions you must have around the house before leaving on your next vacation.


The House Cleaning gang in Sacramento advises that the last thing you would like to return home to after a lovely, restful vacation is a filthy house. Try to clean up the house before departing on vacation isn’t simply for your sanity; it’ll also help you avoid problems. The House Cleaning mavens suggest cleaning the sinks and toilets, vacuuming, and trash or consuming any fruits left out.

Remove everything from the refrigerator.

To be truthful, cleaning pros’ advice is to put out the trash is part of the cleaning process. However, when you disinfect the refrigerator, it’s worth repeating that you must always throw out the rubbish before leaving. If you don’t, you chance arriving home to a house full of rotten odors and vermin, tips from the House Cleaning specialists in Sacramento.

Remove the garbage.

To be clear, throwing out the garbage is part of the removal process, as said by House Cleaning experts. When you clear out your fridge, though, it’s worth mentioning that you must constantly take out the trash before leaving. By the House Cleaning gurus, if you don’t, you risk coming home to a house full of rotting aromas and vermin.

Inspect the laundry twice.

Tips from House Cleaning Geniuses It’s easy to overlook the apparent while quickly packing and cleaning the house. Take, for example, the last load of laundry you forgot to put in the dryer.

Inspect the washer before you leave. Coming home to a whole load of sour clothes after a week of sitting is less than ideal, tips from the House Cleaning pros.

Practice fire safety precautions.

Ensure to unplug any devices that won’t need power while you’re gone before you depart. It will not only minimize the power bill, but it will also reduce the chance of an electrical fire. Adapters, televisions, workstations, and useless chargers should be unplugged.

Set timers for the lights.

Setting timers on lights around your property is easy to dissuade break-ins. With analog outlet timers, you may do it the old-fashioned way. Smart bulbs, on the other hand, will enhance the effect. Not only will you be able to control the lights remotely, but you’ll also be able to set them to a different schedule each day while you’re away, making it much more realistic. You may also go a step further and turn your entire smart home into vacation mode. For example, use a smart plug or something like the hub to arrange a tv or radio. 

Leave for your travels worry-free! Maggy Maid recommends household chores to complete before departure. Trust us to keep your home in top shape.


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