How Many Times Should Homeowners Clean Their Bathroom

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When it comes to how often you should clean your bathroom, the House Cleaning experts of Sacramento recommend you clean it every week. Your bathroom has several areas that may require more or less House Cleaning attention. However, do not extend it to more than a week without a thorough House Cleaning. 

When you use the restroom, all of the filth in your toilet does not just disappear when you flush. The flushing process alone releases bacteria particles into the air and onto the bathroom floor. Rather than looking at your bathroom as a whole, think about how you should clean its pieces.  

Establish a Weekly Routine 

The House Cleaning professionals of Sacramento recommend scheduling a once-weekly bathroom sanitization. You have to pick a day suitable for you and prepare a House Cleaning strategy to handle the space. With that in mind, by keeping your bathroom counters clean and your shower dry for the remainder of the week, you should not have to spend much time on your House Cleaning tasks. According to the House Cleaning experts of Sacramento, you have to clear your stuff from the counters once a week. Also, you have to disinfect your bathroom sink, counters, and faucets since these are crucial House Cleaning tasks to do. Rinse and dry your bathroom equipment before doing another House Cleaning chore. 

House Cleaning Sacramento recommends using a toilet bowl brush and a specialist cleaner to clean the toilet. Clean the base and exterior of the toilet bowl with a typical surface cleaner and a microfiber cloth.

➽ Towels

Bath towels accumulate bacteria which can escalate if the towel is not dry. Change your bath towels every other day to avoid the growth of fungi. 

➽ Shower Curtains and Rugs

If you do not dry your rugs and towels daily, they will begin to smell mildewy. After taking a shower, you have to hang the towels to dry and wash them after using them two or three times. To keep the fresh smell of your bathroom, do give your carpets a regular wash. You will not have to clean the shower curtain as often as the carpets and towels if you keep the shower dry. It will suffice to wash it every two to three months. 

➽ Bathroom Sink

Wipe off the sink counter with a clean microfiber cloth to eliminate any makeup smears, toothpaste disasters, stray hairs, and dust. Then, using a bathroom cleaner, spray the sink, counter, and faucet. 

The cleaner’s instructions will tell you to let the combination stay for a few minutes before House Cleaning it away. Repeat the process for the sink, faucet, and counter at least twice more. 

How often should you clean your bathroom? You can determine the frequency with which you clean your bathroom depending on how frequently you use it. 

The more people in your family that use the same bathroom, you would need to clean the sink and toilet more frequently than someone who lives alone.

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