How to Clean a Fabric Sofa by House Cleaning Sacramento

housekeeping fabric sofa

Choosing a sofa can cause a lot of confusion. Considering the space of your house, your interior’s colors, the material, the cost of course, and its durability. On top of that, you have to look at House Cleaning requirements, too. Now, “What should I get on the fabric sofa or the leather couch?”. You are lucky if you got fabric sofas. In this article, House Cleaning Sacramento will give tips on How to Clean a Fabric sofa.

Regular House Cleaning:

  • Brush it off! Get rid of crumbs and dust off the sofa. House Cleaning can be stress-free if we just know how to do things properly. Do not forget the in-betweens, as it is where it will be the most filthy. Since the material is fabric, opt for a dry cloth, and start doing this tip. To avoid discoloration, go for a white cloth as colored ones may soak into the fabric of the sofa.
  • Use a lint roller to effortlessly combat the pesky problem of fabrics clinging to hair, lint, and dust. Employing this simple tool not only helps maintain a clean appearance but also ensures that your couch remains free from unwanted debris. Now, House Cleaning seems easy, making your living space more inviting and aesthetically pleasing.

Stains Cleaning:

  • Get rid of it ASAP (as soon as possible). Stains and spills should be cleaned immediately as soon as they occur. Leaving it on your sofa for a long time allows further penetration in the fabric, exacerbating the issue and making it hard for you to clean in the later weeks. Prompt action not only ensures the removal of the stain but also prevents any potential long-term damage to the upholstery, preserving the aesthetic appeal of your furniture.
  • Ignoring immediate cleanup might lead to irreversible consequences for your sofa. Get rid of it ASAP (as soon as possible). Stains and spills should be cleaned immediately as soon as they occur. Neglecting timely intervention can result in the seepage of the substance into the fabric, causing lasting discoloration and diminishing the overall quality of your upholstery. By prioritizing swift removal, you safeguard your sofa from the detrimental effects of prolonged exposure, maintaining its pristine condition for an extended period.

Deep Cleaning by Housekeeping Sacramento

Deep House Cleaning:

  • Steam it! Your carpet cleaner may come in handy when doing this. First, ensure to vacuum the sides and in-between the cushions. With a detergent of your choice, fill it in the machine as we are about to shampoo your sofa. If you are unsure of the cleaning solution or if this is your first time shampooing your carpet, spot-check first to see its reaction. Only put back the shampooed cushions once completely dry. Deep House Cleaning Sacramento recommends taking advantage of the sun to freshen your cushion. It does not only kill dust mites but also gets rid of any unwanted odor.
  • The magic of baking soda. Your sofa doesn’t only need a cleanup, it also needs to be freshened up. Sprinkling baking soda all over your couch can help remove the smell. Leave it on for at least 20 minutes, and vacuum the couch after.

Know how to read cleaning tags:

  • W – The cleaning agent should only be water-based. Using tap water is also discouraged as it may cause fading.
  • S – Do not use water! Opt for water-free cleaning solvents.
  • S/W – Either water-based or dry-cleaning products may be used.
  • X – Not your ideal DIY job. Was it done professionally or just vacuumed? No House Cleaning agents are allowed.

We all are couch potatoes. Doing nothing in pajamas and lying all day on the couch seems to be the best way to spend the weekend. This is why sofas need to be cleaned often as it is used, basically every single day. Without House Cleaning, you are allowing bacteria and dirt to join your movie bonding with your family. Hope this helps!


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