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House Cleaning isn’t complete without cleaning your furniture at home like a fabric sofa. Fabric sofas are prone to many spills and tough stains. It could ruin the style and cleanliness of your home. Good thing that there are ways on how to clean your fabric sofa.

Our House Cleaning Sacramento team came up with ideas on ways to clean your fabric sofa. Any stains and dirt will be gone if you follow these steps.

Manufacturer’s Recommendations

Our first House Cleaning method in cleaning your sofa is to always remember stains from any food or spilled drinks, you should always treat them immediately. The stain might set and it will be harder to remove. Look for sofa tags before applying any detergents or solutions. Not using the right solution could damage the fabric further. So here are its codes and meaning:

W- Water based-cleaner. It’s a solution that’s the main water as its component.

S- Solvents. The cleaning chemical is the main component in the solution of the solvent. You will need to buy a dry cleaning detergent.

S/W- Solvent and Water-based cleaners. It’s safer to use both solutions of solvent and water-based cleaners. A mild detergent or dry cleaner detergent can be used with a steam vacuum.

X- Vacuum. If your sofa is tagged as X, you should only clean it with a vacuum attachment. Remember that no water is needed or any solvent solution.

Vacuum the Particles

In every House Cleaning routine, vacuuming particles or crumbs in the area can help reduce the stress. Vacuum the problematic area in your sofa before scrubbing or brushing it. It will also help you identify the main area of stains on your sofa easily.

Dry Brush

House Cleaning Sacramento shares that you can also remove loose particles on your sofa using a dry brush. It will also bring dust and dirt to the surface. You can also use this method in some House Cleaning chores like cabinets and shelves.

Baking Soda

Baking Soda is a House Cleaning must-have when removing dirt and stains. Make a solution using it. Mix the same part of baking soda and water in a bowl. Apply it and let it sit for 15 minutes. Once the stain is totally loosened, vacuum it with the brush attachment. You can also put baking soda on the entire sofa to remove odors and loosen stains.

Treat with the Recommended Product

House Cleaning is trial and error. If you’re unsure of the recommended product, try it in a small stained area of your sofa. If the packaging states that it’s safe, use the cloth to wipe the stain away.

Our House Cleaning Sacramento team feels great to help you with ideas that can make your cleaning more easy and quickly.

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