How To Clean Marble Floors

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Maggy Maid cleaning services in Sacramento are here again to give you some house cleaning tips on how you can make your marble floors not just clean, but shiny clean! Before we get to start learning how to clean marble floors, a primer on marble flooring will help you with the groundwork.

Marble is a natural material and it is most of the time protected with a sealant, especially in high moisture areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

Yes, regular sweeping and dry mopping can keep your floors in good shape, however, marble floors can lose their luster causing stains just like hardwood floors. Through a professional maid service, you can learn how to clean marble floors. You can find plenty of marble floor cleaners that are definitely effective.

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How to remove stains?

Getting stains on your floors sometimes cannot be prevented. But how you take care of those stains can make all the difference!

For Fresh Stains

As part of your house cleaning routine, when you see stains, you need to treat them immediately. The marble floors can absorb the stain deeper. You need to blot up any stains with a paper towel or cloth and rub the stained area with white vinegar right away. Wash off the stained area with good quality dish cleaners or soap and water. Then, rinse the area with a clean and damp cloth before you dry the floor. Repeat this process multiple times and note it on your housekeeping tasks.

Set Stains

If you find stains after it is set, you are going to need more stain-fighting strength! Stains from food items like tea, coffee, or fruit, can deeply penetrate the marble and leave an ugly stain. Maid service cleaning tips mentioned that you can use hydrogen peroxide instead of vinegar to treat the stains. Just pour enough hydrogen peroxide to cover the stain and let it sit for 20-30 minutes. Wipe the stained area with a clean and damp cloth. Don’t forget to dry it.

Remove Scuffs

For surface marks such as shoe scuff, one hack that was given by Sacramento Maid Service is to use a tennis ball. It is perfect for scrubbing them off safely. For future house cleaning hacks, it will keep your marble smooth and scratch-free. You may also use doormats on all of your home’s entryways so you can minimize the amount of dirt and dust from outdoors.

As the maid service company suggested, for everyday dirt and dust, a good quality dust mop and a nylon broom can be your best cleaning maintenance tools. Aim for a natural fiber or microfiber dry mop.

Now that you know how to clean and maintain your marble floors. You can achieve the shiny elegant look that you want, thanks for tips from a professional house cleaning company! Our housekeeping guidebook can help you do your chores faster and easier.

Whether you choose to do the work by yourself or you can hire Maggy Maid, the best cleaning services in Sacramento and let our cleaners handle the house cleaning tasks. Our maid service company can do these tasks effortlessly, fast, and satisfyingly. Get your free estimate today and know what we can do for your home! Contact us!