How to Clean Painted Walls by House Cleaning Experts in Sacramento

housekeeping painted walls

You have to prioritize your mental health at all times and not let anything disturb your inner peace. If you prioritize your mental health, you must make House Cleaning maintenance your top priority as well. 

It is self-fulfilling to see your living space free from clutter and any health risk. Thinking about doing your House Cleaning routine may make you feel overwhelmed and tired, you must bear in mind to sort your priorities. Doing your House Cleaning tasks will do a lot of wonders to your abode and life. 

Look at your dingy walls! It is time to make your walls free from streaks and look fresh. Let us learn some ways to clean your painted walls at home without removing the paint in them. 

House Cleaning Sacramento has looked up some ways for you to clean your painted walls. Follow the House Cleaning tips below: 

  1. Grab the cleaning tools and products such as microfiber cloths, soft sponges, mop, bucket or bowl, and homemade all-purpose cleaner or detergent or dishwashing soap.
  2. Here is a safety reminder: Before you start cleaning the grimy walls, make sure to switch off the electricity when washing walls with or without an electrical outlet or switch. 
  3. Use a lint-free microfiber cloth to dust and wipe off extra dirt on your walls to avoid the spread of grime and gunk. 
  4. Mix dishwashing soap with tepid water in a bucket. Dip the soft sponge onto the cleaning solution and rub the walls gently. Make sure that you do not soak the sponge in the solution too long and too much. When you over-soak your sponge, water stains may leave a trace on the walls. 
  5. You should wait for five to ten minutes before rinsing off the solution on the wall. Once the waiting time is over, fetch a bucket of clean water, and submerge the clean microfiber cloth. Use the microfiber cloth to rinse your walls off the soapy solution. 
What to do with stubborn stains? 

If you find it hard to remove the stains on your walls by gentle washing, get a distilled white vinegar and mix it with warm water in a clean bucket. Wipe any stains off your sponge dipped in the solution. Leave it on like without rinsing it off.

What to avoid when cleaning your painted walls? 

You must get the right House Cleaning products when you deal with your painted walls. You have to avoid using cleaning agents with alcohol and harsh chemical substances to prevent your painted walls from breaking down their surfaces.

You must avoid using too much water when you wash and clean your painted walls to prevent unwanted damages and peel-offs. 

When do you clean your painted walls? 

 You have to clean your painted walls monthly by either dusting them off and wiping the grime to stop it from turning into stains. House Cleaning Sacramento has more House Cleaning tips in store for you! Follow for more House Cleaning wonders.

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