How to Load a Dishwasher by House Cleaning Sacramento Pros

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A lot of us have our ways on how to load a dishwasher. But do you have the thought that you are probably doing it wrong or at least a little bit? House Cleaning is your basic way to show your personality either you’re a clean freak or just the depends-upon-the-schedule type of House Cleaning agent.

Keep your dishes undamaged and sparkling clean by following these House Cleaning tips from our House Cleaning Sacramento experts on how to properly load your dishwasher. Keep reading and improve your skills in stacking your dishes.

Common Wrong Habits That You Might Be Doing:

Putting Large and Flat Objects Near the Door

Placing your flat platters and pans near the door will only make your work a hassle and wasteful. They will only block the washing detergent from reaching other utensils and dishes.

Getting in the Way of the Spray Arm

Your job doesn’t end when you’re done fitting everything in your dishwasher. Our House Cleaning Sacramento experts shares that you need to have tried having a quick test spin to see if there are no obstructions while it spins. Once that you noticed that it hits some utensils or plates, moving the item is the best idea to have your dishwasher clean effectively.

Everything Should Be In One Direction

Most people do some House Cleaning tasks using dishwashers so it is known that the water sprays from the dishwasher. This way, the face of your plates, bowls, and glasses should be facing toward the spray. If you place them facing to the right, some dishes will not have full access to the sprayer. A great House Cleaning idea is to face them toward the middle so all dishes will be exposed to the water.

Overloading Your Dishwasher

Overcrowded dishwasher results in another House Cleaning tasks. Doing this will only require you to rewash your dishes and utensils for they are not well-cleaned. Stacking your dishes will keep your dishes and utensils from being evenly washed.

The Right Way of Loading Dishwashers from House Cleaning Sacramento Experts

Utensil Holders

When placing your utensils in the dishwasher, put them handle-first. This way your spoons and forks are facing up. However, House Cleaning should also be safe so knives should not be put like this. To avoid cutting yourself while you unload it, it should be placed with the point facing down.

Top Rack

Because the heat comes from the bottom of the dishwasher, all your plastic dishes should go on the top together with your small bowls, glasses, and mugs. They should be put upside down. Also, make sure that no small pieces will fall in the gaps because it can land on the heating thing and can block the washer arm.

Bottom Rack

While you put the small pieces to the top, the big pieces like pots, large bowls, pans, and plates should go to the bottom. Put the biggest dishes to the side. In that way, they won’t block the sprayer.

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