How to Make Cleaning Enjoyable and Fun

Father and son enjoying house cleaning

Everybody seems to hate House Cleaning. Who thinks it is fun anyway? Think of the sweat you’ll get, the dust you’ll inhale, and the nasty things you’ll encounter – you’ll probably dread House Cleaning weekends.

Not anymore! House Cleaning Sacramento will change a lot of people’s perceptions towards House Cleaning. Read below, and you’ll see how this task can be tiring and boring, to fun and entertaining.

Turn your speakers into full blast as you listen to your favorite podcast or “feel-good” music.

Music boosts motor coordination. As you vibe through the rhythm of the music, you’ll probably dance through dusting and sweeping. Doesn’t it sound enjoyable? Sing around your home. Avoid sad songs. Go upbeat! You’ll have good sweat from dancing, release some happy hormones, and get your home looking clean and fresh, too! Win-win-win!

The worn-out gears according to the House Cleaning team in Sacramento delay you. Time to change them!

Often, it isn’t the task that’s annoying; but the things you use to do them. House Cleaning Sacramento approves investing in good quality products – vacuums, mops, sponges, microfiber cloths, and many more. However, the expenses won’t be fun but will be worth it to save you time. Remember, time is money!

Get the whole household involved. “The more, the merrier,” right?

By doing this, you’ll teach everyone a sense of responsibility. That includes kids, too! As simple as stowing away their toys, it’ll eventually become a habit. That’ll be one task off the list. Try turning Sunday afternoons into House Cleaning day. Give each one their mission. Of course, you’ll have to reward them for helping you out. Order up from your favorite pizza parlor and dive in after a long day.

Live with gratitude. Reward yourself.

Deep cleaning isn’t something that’s done daily nor weekly. Pick out that one date of the month and commit that day to deep cleaning. After which, give yourself a shoulder tap and splurge into shopping, or a spa day, or a wine night. What could be more exciting than looking forward to something after a tiring day, right?

Be like kids every day and play a game as you clean.

As House Cleaning becomes a routine, it becomes redundant and boring, too. List up all household tasks, distribute all of them in 6 jars – label them with numbers 1 to 6, and play the dice game. Distribute the tasks to all family members that can clean. Each of you will toss a die and pick out one task from that numbered jar. The element of House Cleaning surprise kicks in. It will make House Cleaning exciting as you don’t know who will have the worst task every week! You may also include one with:

  • Immunity – That person doesn’t clean for two weeks!
  • Pass the task – You may pass the burden to somebody else
  • And many more!

You’re probably excited now. Try the tips above and see which one works best for you. Enjoy!

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