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Having a small kitchen can stress you out especially if you have no enough room for your tools, spices, and dishes. Small homes may have charm but it usually lacks kitchen space. You tend to mix everything around because you have no space for your things- another House Cleaning task on the list.

Luckily, there are tips and tricks to maximize kitchen space. Our best House Cleaning Sacramento team researched for ways on how to do House Cleaning and organization for a small kitchen.

Top of the Fridge

This is not new for some but to confirm, using the top of your fridge as a pantry is a great idea. You can put anything up there. Though it might look wasteful and messy an organized selection of the ingredients that you usually use will be great. It will also be easy to grab the things that you need.

Sides of the Cabinet

You’re lucky if the sides of your cabinet are not attached to the wall because you’ve got free space to use. Based on House Cleaning Sacramento, you can add here some shelves, pins, pot rails, and more.

Utility Cart

A small utility cart can give you additional storage space. It has wheels so it’s very convenient and easy to push in the corner or into a closet of a room and can be pulled out once that you need it.

Hanging a Pegboard

You think that your walls are just merely walls but this House Cleaning and organization tip from our House Cleaning Sacramento team will make you think twice. Instead of installing more shelves, why not use a pegboard. It gives flexible space for storage that you can adjust every time you change the things that you need.

Use Hooks

Free up your space by hooking many kitchen tools like your cutting board, apron, spatula, ladle, and tongs. Once you’re done using them and including cleaning them in your House Cleaning routine, these items get mixed up with all the other tools in the kitchen. It’s better to hook them up for better storage and easier location.

Cabinet Tops

While doing House Cleaning, you might think of dusting the top of your cabinet. While you’re at it, why not make it a storage area for some kitchen tools? You can put your platters there for special occasions, not used pantry supplies, and some extra ingredients. To make it look great, use some colorful baskets or containers to compliment their color and style.

Hanging Table

You might have an empty wall around the corner. Make use of it by installing a hanging table. Make it greater by making it fold-down. It is a very convenient House Cleaning and organizing tip because when you’re not using it, you can just fold it up. This way you don’t have to worry about House Cleaning the dust and mess on or under your table.

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