How to Organize Small Kitchens by House Cleaning Sacramento

Organize small kicthen by maid service in Sacramento

If you feel like there’s only a little room for your kitchen storage, always remember that most people feel the same way as you do. If you only have a few cabinets in your kitchen, it will stress you out thinking of how to make things work orderly. 

The main goal of House Cleaning and organizing the kitchen is to minimize the look of clutter to make your space look wider and neat. So our House Cleaning Sacramento experts will share tips and ideas in organizing small kitchens. This will be very helpful for you to have useful spaces in the kitchen with the feels like having a doubled kitchen’s square footage.

The Basics in Small Kitchen Organization

Before getting into the specific ideas, here are the basics in organizing and House Cleaning your small kitchens:

  1. Containers that are put inside the cabinet should be clear to easily locate the things that you need.
  2. Put as many items as you can inside closed spaces like bins, cabinets, and behind the doors.
  3. Keep kitchen counters clear and with no clutter as possible.

Make Cabinet Tops to Use

With a small kitchen, you should make the most out of your space. But how can you do that? The answer is to do House Cleaning with it and start organizing it well. One space that’s usually left unnoticed is the cabinet tops. You can make it storage for extra pantry supplies that are not yet necessary and your beloved serving platters for special occasions. Don’t worry about how it will look because you can use some great-looking baskets to hide those.

Hooks, Hooks, Hooks!

Consider implementing a tiered shelving system within cabinets to maximize vertical space utilization. This not only enhances organization but also provides a clear view of the stored items. Incorporate labeled storage bins or baskets for smaller items like kitchen utensils or accessories, ensuring a systematic arrangement. Integrate pull-out trays or racks for convenient access to items stored deep within cabinets, making the kitchen workflow more efficient. Additionally, installing motion-sensor lights inside cabinets can illuminate the contents automatically, making it easier to find items during low-light conditions.

Make Window Sills a Storage Area

Our professional cleaners share that utilizing the window sills in your kitchen as storage not only maximizes space but also adds a personalized touch to the overall aesthetics. Consider placing a variety of herbs in small pots on the sill, creating a functional and visually appealing herb garden that’s easily accessible while cooking. Additionally, installing small hanging baskets or shelves can further enhance the storage capacity, allowing you to showcase decorative kitchen items or even display a collection of colorful spices. The natural light pouring in from the windows will not only highlight your chosen items but also contribute to a brighter and more inviting atmosphere in the kitchen. This simple yet innovative approach not only adds functionality but also transforms your kitchen into a charming and organized space, reflecting your unique style and personality.

Fold-Down Table

Worried about not having enough room for a table? House Cleaning Sacramento advises you to have a fold-down table. Having a fold-down table hanging on your bookshelf, in front of the window, or on the wall is very effective. You can use it immediately if needed and can just fold it back up if not.

There are many House Cleaning tips and tricks that you can do with your small kitchen. The size of it can’t tell how meticulous the owner of it but the look and organization of it will. Our House Cleaning Sacramento experts are very happy to share these House Cleaning and organization tricks because we know that it will be very useful to you.

Discover expert tips for maximizing space in small kitchens! Maggy Maid offers top-notch organization advice to make your tiny kitchen work for you.


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