How to Remove Toilet Bowl Ring by House Cleaning Sacramento

house cleaning services remove toilet bowl ring

Mineral deposits and hard water can cause stains on your toilet bowls which appear like rust. Toilet bowl stains caused by mold growth appear as circular or dingy-looking strips of black, green, or orange. 

You should know what causes the toilet bowl stains or rings, so you can determine the most effective method to use to eliminate them.  

House Cleaning Sacramento has researched some methods to remove the toilet bowl rings and keep your toilet clean.

Use Pumice 

Pumice stone works as a House Cleaning agent. You will be able to lift blemishes from the surfaces of your toilet without leaving marks and scruffs.  

Mix White Vinegar and Baking Soda 

Spill a cup of white vinegar into the bowl covered in dingy streaks. Swish the baking soda around and wait for at least a minute. Powder a cup of baking soda onto the toilet bowl and pour additional 2 cups of white vinegar afterward. Let the House Cleaning solution soak for about ten minutes. Make your solution reach the waterline and under the rim of your toilet bowl by swishing the mixture with a toilet brush. Next, wait for thirty minutes or more and swish it from time to time to remove the toilet rings. Lastly, scrub the remaining stains away and wash the toilet by flushing the cleaning deposits away.  

Use Coca-Cola 

Coca-cola is not only a refreshment but also a House Cleaning agent. Do you want to give your toilet bowl a pristine clean? Use this House Cleaning hack to do so: spill the entire bottle of Coca-cola all over the edges of your toilet bowl and let it soak all night long. In the morning, flush the roil away to make your toilet spotless without the toilet bowl rings.  

Use Vinegar and Borax  

Borax is a multi-functional House Cleaning agent. Mixing it with vinegar will ensure to eliminate your toilet bowl rings. First, spread a quarter cup of sodium tetraborate into the toilet bowl and use a toilet brush to swish it. Pour a half cup of vinegar and continue swishing. Wait for twenty minutes before scrubbing the bowl with a scrubby sponge or toilet brush to get rid of the stains. Afterward, flush to wash the blemishes away.  

How to Prevent the Occurrence of Toilet Bowl Rings  

Regular House Cleaning 

One of the most efficient means to lessen the chances of toilet bowl rings from appearing and building up, you may do a regular House Cleaning and sanitization of your toilet bowl using vinegar, Borax, or baking soda. Conduct regular House Cleaning maintenance to keep your toilet clean and stain-free and stop it from building up hard water that causes rust and stain.  

Dredge a cup of Borax into the sides, under the rim, and inside the toilet bowl. Next, use a brush to scrub off the portions sprinkled with Borax or the entire toilet basin and flush the deposits.  

House Cleaning Sacramento has more House Cleaning hacks in store for you.  

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